Authorotorian ME .. LOL

I never wanted to write a blog, honestly the thought fills me with dread – atrocious spelling and a lack of grammar for all to see. But here we are two in one day. This morning I wrote a piece about UKIP failing to deal with those who whether, mistakenly or not, are attracted to something in the parties message. I asked the question a fairly simple question –

Why does no one in UKIP question the motivation of those who are openly racist and yet support the party?

The response I got was sadly to be expected.

The first was the that picture .. You know the one I don’t need to post it. .. It’s the one of the Croydon UKIP team

AND then…

By claiming racism I am intellectually bankrupt!


I am ignoring the problems that cause racism .. I guess they think that UKIP will solve these problems – meanwhile are we then supposed to ignore it?


I am ignoring all other problems of racism around the world .. How about South Africa (relevance to discussion on UKIP anyone)


(Although to be fair any conversation with Jwales is always shrill)

I am ignoring racism in other parties .. The frequently quoted ex BNP member of the Labour Party is then thrown out for consideration .. Still waiting for an example of a racist comment made by said person since joining Labour Party.


I am confusing concerns about immigration with racism .. NOPE I am happy for their to be a discussion about immigration. I do not want open borders .. I have NEVER called anyone racist for simply wanting to control immigration.

And finally I want an Authoritarian solution .. I want to decide how people can vote!


Sad to say as yet no one from UKIP had read the blog and said they would be prepared to challenge those views shown.


I am sure there will be some who will say I misrepresented their words … You can check TIme Lines for context

If you tweet a statement .. You are looking for a reaction and should expect that will be one


2 thoughts on “Authorotorian ME .. LOL

  1. Well done for trying to raise this. I think the main reason there’s so little response is that levels of racism within UKIP and their supporters are pretty plainly evident. Few people like to think of themselves as hateful people, so they rationalise their mistrust, suspicion and/or hatred of any they consider different to them, or to the tribe they consider they belong to. Open racism is so obviously unacceptable in our society that only the very boldest who care not what others think of them would admit publicly to it. The rest deny that’s what’s behind their views, and dress it up as something else. Even the BNP claim not to be racist!

    UKIP is a perfect softer option for all those aspirational social climbing middle Englanders who kid themselves they’re better than the BNP that they associate with knuckle-dragging National Front bovver boys with swastika tattoos and skinheads. Really though, they’re cut from similar cloth, but are aware people would think badly of them if they were open about it, and maybe even know racism’s not really a defensible position, even though they can’t help themselves.

    There’s a famous quote that says all that’s required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. So I wonder if there are any good people in UKIP willing to do anything? Good on you for exposing this and seeking to goad them to act. Dunno if I’d hold my breath though.

    1. I agree with the analysis. I am a stubborn person and although I am getting a great deal of stick from the slightly more eccentric members of the ukip supporters club I along with others will keep an eye on those who push the boundaries of acceptability and continue to goad UKIP to act!

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