3 thoughts on “Ignoring racism on Social Media .. A UKIP problem

  1. “Surely, though, it does not want the support of those who are virulently anti Muslim or those who believe that having mixed race kids is anti patriotic or those who imply that immigrants are dirty thieves”

    I’m pretty sure that that’s exactly the support they want. They’re certainly not going to object. Being the right-most party on the spectrum, they can hoover up the votes of pretty much anyone further to the right than they are. If they take a genuine public stand against racism, they’ll lose those votes. UKIP has got where it is by never challenging anyone on anything factual. It’s happy to take any and all voters, no matter how insane their views are, and to nod along and tell them how out of touch everyone is with them. A party that cared would, occasionally, tell people that they are wrong; UKIP persuades people that caring means being fine with people being wrong.

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