Ignoring racism on Social Media .. A UKIP problem

Another week and yet more examples of UKIP supporters failing to engage with the bigots within. I was going to write a new blog on UKIP and the floods but I will save it for tomorrow.


There have been numerous articles and blogs that have addressed the question of whether UKIP is a racist or bigoted party, for example The New Statesman in February of last year here . There have been several examples of members in recent weeks who have made ill judged and foolish comments The Mail having a field day here.

These are often countered by devoted kippers on twitter as being one off incidents, the media is cherry picking, we are being smeared and the oft quoted but largely irrelevant “we ban membership from those who are also members of the British National Party, English Defence League or National Front”.

I am not so naive to think that you can sum up an entire party by its representatives on Twitter or Face Book, otherwise, with those like Marty Caine supporting it, UKIP would have died a death long ago. However UKIP…

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