How to ambulance chase the UKIP way

Note .. Rather frustratingly I can not insert links so have screen printed them if you want to read more

The flooding in Somerset go has offered UKIP the perfect opportunity to step on a bandwagon and ride to the front page of The Daily Mail. Nothing more exciting than putting on those waders and standing in thigh deep water to declare the EU is to blame for your misery.

The attack has been on two fronts. One that EU directives have led directly to polices that have caused the flooding and secondly that we should take money from the foreign aid as we have own needy at home, the “British First” argument.

Just on the dredging front …

I have noticed that UKIP are similar to Holocaust Deniers in their absolute ability to read an EU directive and ignore the sum of the entire document to cherry pick a particular phrase to prove a point.

Directive 2007/60 .. Much quoted by several UKIP supporters and indeed by those in leadership as being a reason that The Somerset Levels flooded

This being the cherry picked comment .. We have to let rivers have more space! Proof the EU want us to flood areas of the UK


The actual statement is


Notice ” as well as measures to prevent and reduce damage to human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity ” I note that UKIP fail to finish the quote!

If you care to you can read the entire document it can easily be found online


UKIP Farage and most of the media have ignored that there is an already agreed plan for the future of The Somerset Levels. Vision 2030 ..


A detailed article in The Ecologist goes into what needs to be achieved with the blessing of the NFU and others..


Then there is the prickly question of what the EA have and have not done. They have as the EU directed them done a full survey of the river basins concerned and acknowledge that there are pinch points


They admit that not all the work has been is no big secret


Would the extra work made any difference, highly unlikely as the met office report on the weather over the last few months makes clear the series of storms has been highly unusual (of course UKIP won’t like the report it mentions Climate Change!)
If you are a weather and climate geek like me you can find the report through a link on the main met office site..


So would dredging made any difference. Not according to




Now I know that UKIP like to pretend that science is self serving, after all they would like to ban the teaching of climate change in schools. But surely UKIP and to some extent the tories should look to the existing evidence talk to some experts and stop chasing ambulances for headlines.


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