BlOCK BLOCK BLOCK it’s a troll!!!

The strange case of the UKIP and WomendefyUKIP

UKIP it seems have one rule for its own members and supporters and another for anyone who wishes to defy/disagree/comment on their policies and beliefs.

The great thing about twitter is you can choose who you follow and who you do not. You can read someone’s tweets or you can ignore them. If something is offensive you have the option to report the tweet and and if someone repeatedly mentions you, you have the option to block them.

Increasingly UKIP supporters/members are misusing this function to try and shut down accounts that seek to inform about UKIP polices (regardless of the whether what they say is right or wrong they have the right to say it)

By blocking accounts you can get them suspended by twitter for multiple mentions, so by having a conversation with someone and then not liking their views and pressing the block button they can end up losing their account. Marty Caine a senior organiser for UKIP is very fond of this .. Just try typing “marty caine blocked” into twitter search it’s educational as to Marty’s particular views on FOS.

This week has seen a rather pathetic attempt to shut down an account called @womendefyukip .. There is no mystery behind this account, it’s not funded by a political party, a union or the EU it was the idea of a group of women who think UKIP would be detrimental to women in the UK – in fact the twitter account is being run by one woman. The account is under suspension again for the fourth time. It has not been racist, offensive, arrogant, rude or made multiple mentions it just exits and that has been enough for some kippers.

The account had already been suspended twice due to mass reporting and then a new campaign of attrition was opened. The main culprit was Nationalalistuk. It’s debatable if he still a UKIP member he certainly was and he still supports them vocally!


This was the initial attack, massive Kudos and thanks to Bonnie Greer who spent a great deal of time yesterday and today questioning whether this was the attitude of a mature electorate and as a result having her TL assaulted by those whose use of the English Language is not as refined as it should be!

But Nationalist is not the only one .. David Coburn decided to add in his pennies worth along with Caroline Santos his sidekick.


David’s response was to say this was a joke however then we see this today ..


David Coburn is clearly encouraging David Sydney (El Cid) to work towards blocking an account. David Coburn is most defiantly a member of UKIP the lead MEP candidate in Scotland, London Organiser and probably a candidate for UKIP in the 2015 General Election. As a result the account was thus unsuspended this morning only to be suspended by this afternoon.

<a href="


David Coburn has clearly decided that democracy and FOS should only exist under his terms. One could conclude that Mr Coburn is fairly undemocratic and rather a bully. This seems to be the nature of the party.

Twitter need to look at people’s use of the block button. It would certainly stop this kind of behaviour if those maliciously using the report/block function found their own accounts suspended. Meanwhile people like David Coburn can continue their bullying behaviour and there are those of us who will work to show the electorate just whom they are proposing to elect to represent them.

I will end with this .. Which sums up the “tin foil hat” approach to politics that seems be the staple of UKIP, rather than considering that it’s just the 80% who do not support them!



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