Thank you for your leaflet but NO


I came home from work today to find a UKIP leaflet. The only concession to this being Scotland and not England was some lovely pics of your candidates, including David Coburn and the partner of David’s attack dog Caroline Santos – one Kevin Newton.

I wonder what possessed you to pay for the delivery of leaflets to an Island that welcomes new people as essential to maintaining a viable population. An island,that has during the summer months, employees from all over Europe. Brits being seemingly adverse to taking work that is seasonal in nature. An island that has two main industries, whisky and fishing – both of which rely on exports to the European Union. An Island that will soon have a ninth whisky distillery, bringing jobs and security to the Island. An investment by a French businessman who is free to undertake that investment and live here half a year because of the EU.

Nigel, the pride I have in my country is not damaged by our membership of the EU, but rather by the fact that there are those in this country who are seduced by your use of fear and lies to further your political career. The pride I have in my country has been dented by a party who has supporters who are happy to state on a public forum that the EU is trying to build a “coffee coloured nation of robots”.

Nigel I do not find that the damage to my patriotism is immense because we belong to the EU. But I do feel embarrassed now when talking to Italian and Spanish friends who used to see Britain as a place that was largely lacking in mainstream bigots in politics (not withstanding that laughable oaf BNP Nick) – who now ask me why UKIP is garnering such support as it is.

I find your “Facts at your fingertips” an insult to the intelligence of anyone who is capable of using the Internet. I notice that you want to tell the Human Rights Court where to go and quote the “cat” story. Your use of half truths and unverified statistics is an affront to my intelligence, that you should be considered a serious political party certainly does dent the pride I have my country.

Over the last few months I have witnessed senior members of your party try to shut down anti ukip twitter accounts, my own included. I have been been told that equality legislation is unnecessary that women do not face a glass ceiling and when facing racism people should not be so “sensitive”. Today I have had women in UKIP tell me it would be preferable if women stayed at home to look after their children, that they should not have them if both parents need to work and struggle with child care costs and that it would be communist for the state to provide affordable quality child care.

I have the answer of what to do with your leaflet, I could be crude but that’s not my style. Rather, because I care about my planet, which you clearly do not, I will shred the leaflet and place it in the recycling where hopefully it will become something useful like toilet paper.

Yours, in hope that you gain some #commonsense

Miss Indigenous Brit and my “coffee coloured” daughter


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