Lies damn Lies and UKIP Whoppers

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

UKIPs argument is that they are not like other parties they say it like it is …


There is plenty of evidence that this is wrong, my problem is when a party that knows its wrong, has admitted in the past it is wrong, still carries on lying.

In 2009 Paul Nuttall was invited onto the radio programme More or Less on Radio 4 to answer why UKIP was using the 75% quoted by Hans-Gert Pöttering to claim that 75% of UK laws are made in Europe. When what he said was that of all the European Laws, the European Parliament is involved in 75% of them as opposed to other European Organisations. When Paul Nuttall was interviewed he accepts that UKIP may have ‘misunderstood’ – or rather they deliberately took a clip of 10/15 seconds and used that to misrepresent what was said. His final comment is “there is nothing more I can say it needs to be looked into”.

Fast forward and for five years they have been using a fake statistic to create a fake idea that we are ruled from Brussels, despite knowing it to be untrue. Then they find a new quote to use, from Viviane Reding. They claim the Truth Is Out .. UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O’Flynn said: “This is a slam dunk moment for those of us who have been saying that a large majority of our laws are made by Brussels.

But wait .. That is not what she said as confirmed by her press office “Vice Pres Reding was referring to the 75% of EU laws that are co-decided by the European Parliament underlying the importance of the democratically elected EP in EU decision making processes”

You can listen to a programme clip to confirm that I am not lying UKIP and the 75%

UKIP have been caught out telling other whoppers.

The Sun on Saturday 12 April published the following correction: “In an article MoT fix axe fears (March 30) we quoted a letter from UKIP containing claims that thousands of MoT test centres could close under EU proposals forcing motorists whose cars fail to go to a different garage for repairs. We have been informed that no such EU proposals exist and are happy to set the record straight”.

“Contrary to Mr Tony Smith of UKIP’s assertions (EU fails the MoT, letters, 9 October 2013), the European Commission is not proposing — and neither is the European Parliament — to prohibit authorised workshops from carrying out MOTs. So people will still, if they choose, be able to get both their MOT and any necessary repairs done at the same garage.

Having an EU framework for roadworthiness testing ensures standards Europe-wide are high — as they are in the UK — and helps ensure unfit cars from abroad are not driving on UK roads or endangering British motorists in Europe.”

That UKIP sent leaflets to Garages to scaremonger owners and their employees is the typical tactic of a party that has no legitimate argument.UKIP

And then there is the BIG LIE


When they say 4000 EU citizens enter the UK each week they used the ONS figures for 2012/2013. What they do not tell you that the number entering per week is less than than the number of EU and UK citizens leaving each week! The actual figure is a minus one .. you can check the actual figures here To blame immigration for the woes facing the UK is to ignore the central problems that relate more to big business and the banks .. But then the reality is UKIP is a so called Libertarian Party and it will always condemn the worker at the expense of the owner.

Back to the quote at the top of this blog, ‘I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you’ In the end this is going to be the overwhelming feeling for lots of kippers I can only hope they don’t abandon politics altogether but instead think about what do they really want from the government that serves them. If fear mongering and basing an entire parties philosophy on a lie is what they want they can of course continue to support UKIP.


3 thoughts on “Lies damn Lies and UKIP Whoppers

    1. And where in that blog did I say that? I am pretty sure that I infer in the very first paragraph that it is UKIP desire to claim that it is different that I am questioning, ergo they are same as all parties they tell lies. My argument is very simple UKIP base their entire campaign on two very big lies .. How many laws are made in the EU for UK consumption and How many immigrants from the EU enter the UK. As I said scare mongering.

  1. UKIP may be a libertarian party – but they veer very much to the right-wing ideological understanding of libertarianism. I am also a libertarian, but of the left-wing persuasion – otherwise known as an anarchist. And no way do I condemn the worker. Social justice for all, rich and poor. Personal freedom for all – but with the same standard applied to all, and very much in conjunction with the final point – social responsibility for all. If we want society to work, we all have to take responsibility for making it do so, and be aware of the implications of our actions, and if they are having negative impacts on people, modifying them accordingly – preferably before the shite hits the revolving thingy not after!

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