Meet the men who tweet for UKIP!

I will freely admit that this blog is written by horrors of horrors an old fashioned feminist. That sentence alone will a cause any UKIP men on twitter to immediately go into overdrive on the sandal, lesbian, ugly, unmarried shrill comments. So this blog is in praise of the some of the greatest hits of the UKIP twitter male.

Number One – Marty Caine – UKIP organiser from Poole Dorset

Type the words Marty Caine Blocked into twitter search and you get pages of tweets where either Marty is blocking someone or someone is gleefully announcing they have been blocked by Marty.


Marty has a long and noble history of making excuses for the EDL

which culminated in him accusing Lee Rigby’s parents of being idiots, he then threatened to sue anyone who accused him of this.
Marty also dislikes teachers and believes that those who work in public service should at least be apolitical and perhaps should not vote at all.
Marty has a friend Greg Cook .. Apparently a comedian described as a Les Dawson of the 21st century – enough said. He usually appears when Marty does but is basically just a boring sidekick with little original thought.

Number 2 Lawrence Brewer – a Brighton football fan he obviously needs to get his kicks somewhere other than on the football pitch.

Lawrence thinks all anti ukip accounts are paid trolls – he has been known to spend hours tweeting demands that Slatukip fess up to being paid by someone, anyone! His other obsessions are Muslims and recently he has joined up with some of the South Africans who believe that white genocide is ongoing. His bio says he hates extremists and equates Hope Not Hate with the EDL and BNP. To say he is somewhat confused is to put it mildly. Apparently a failure to support those who would like a return to apartheid was racism .. Who would have known! He also has a problem with feminists and is obsessed with tits and quotas

Number Three David Jones

David should join the EDL and be done with it, his tweets vary from comments on the EU to exaggerated bigoted nonsense that insults all Muslims without ever focusing on a small number of extremists. His most recent focus was to get his thong in a twist over kids who speak English as second language

Number Four Fight4UK

Now to be fair I am assuming this is a man but I could be wrong. He certainly spends an inordinate amount of time on the TL of womendefyukip and womensayno2ukip .. Being as rude as possible. He is another Muslim obsessed UKIP tweeter, with a nice line in memes of the “all Muslims are extremist” design. He likes to ask questions but never finds the answers satisfying to his exacting standards.. He also assumes that anyone who is anti ukip is on benefits. He also likes to call women tramps ..


Number Five Sinkaspud

A new face on the block. Seems to hate women with an opinions that does not match his. He has a problems with maternity pay, maternity leave, women who want to work and be mothers – the list goes on and on. His most recent focus is the womendefyukip accounts ( and yes they are run by two separate women ) .. His latest misogynistic tweets today included this. Frankly I feel a bit sorry for the spud, the modern world with opinionated women must be so scary.

Number Six UKIP Roger Da Costa – Kingston UKIP

He only ever has 323 tweets, despite tweeting all day every day. A candidate for the tin foil hat for conspiracy theories, much amusement can be had be reading this blog from Tim Fenton at zelo street. There is little point in questioning his huge whoppers as he hardly ever replies and deletes all his tweets daily.

Number Seven Anthony Clark – secondskin471

His bio states racism will offend, however he seems happy to abuse women . He is also happy to spend his time making the assumption that all Muslims are evil and out to destroy the UK, another one who confuses UKIP with the EDL. The fact that he thinks Katie Hopkins has anything worth saying on female equality sums his entire attitude up in a single tweet

Number Eight Thomas Evans

Thomas proudly announces that he is a UKIP member on his bio .. His tweets, in common with all on this list, show a propensity to believe anything posted by Breitbart news as gospel truth. Thankfully he avoids the Muslims are all bad and so on that front he is relatively sane! On the other hand he quotes Paul Nuttell and Roger Helmer as being purveyors of common sense – so perhaps sanity is an issue. I have seen Thomas telling racists where to go which is refreshing.. But then there is this


UPDATE .. Thomas has turned into a first class whiner


The tweet he refers to is this so not a fake, the blog I put it in is here . Apparently I am a Scottish and therefore a liar, Ukip logic never fails to astound.

Number Nine UKIPalotmoreIan or as I like to call him “ukip a lot of moron”

Ian is a member of bluehand – a deeply homophobic islamaphobic failure of an organisation – nothing else really needs to be said.

There are of course many more, not least Nigel, Roger, Paul and David Coburn – but then we all know what their problems are!


Hey UKIP it’s simple Maths!

When you tell me that the EU has caused uncontrolled mass migration into this county I really should have checked the figures earlier.
This is the graph used to persuade the public that uncontrolled migration is a problem

But this shows all migration into the UK not just EU. It includes migration which is very much controlled by a system of visas.
Another Favourite of the UKIP supporter in the midst of debate is this one ..

But this only shows UK citizens who moved to the EU – who cares where they go – they are no longer here it’s irrelevant if you are looking at net migration into the UK
So here is my offering based on the ONS figures found here, ( before you sneer “they are out by x amount” they may well be but it will be proportionately x amount for all groups in all directions ) The only migration we can not control is Migration within their EU and how many British people choose to leave the UK.
In Graph form for those visual learners amongst you

In table form for those who like figures

And for those who like to “Keep It Simple”
The number of people added to the UK through uncontrolled migration since 1997 is
Minus 258000 –
So exactly how is minus 258000 mass uncontrolled migration, It’s not unrestricted travel by EU citizens but old fashioned migration from the Commonwealth that makes up the bulk of people coming into this country and leaving the EU will not change that. Personally I have very few problems with any migration but stop making out our country has been swamped by the EU it has not.

I would like to thank Michael Abberton and his letter in the Huffington Post that prompted to me to do some common sense maths.

HEY UKIP it’s feminism not the end of civilisation!

Since the EU elections the shrill voice of UKIP supporters has been employed to bang on about the 7 female MEPs that UKIP has now got, well done UKIP but I seem to recollect that the population is 51/50 not 31/50. They claim meritocracy, they claim quotas are a form of Communist Marxist Fascism (yes really they find differentiating between political philosophies a tad taxing). They assume that the only thing women want are quotas, and yet a great many feminists do not place them high up on a list of wants.

So just for UKIP men (and it is mostly men) here are a few definitions of what feminism is. The Oxford English Dictionary is pretty clear “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” or this from Merriam Webster “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”

What it is not ..

Feminism, as those on the right would have it, is not the preserve of the metropolitan elite, it has in fact been working class women who have benefited most from equality legislation such as the equal pay act, and it is working class women who have led and are leading the fight for those rights to be met.
Working class women have always worked it was only the adoption of Middle Class values and the concept of the angel in the home that pushed working class women away from the workplace and into the home. The male run unions pressing for men to earn a family wage, implied women had to be kept and for many families that became the norm. For those women working it was an up hill struggle to get their work recognised as being as valuable as a mans work. Many will know of the Ford Sewing Machinists strike of 1968, it was turned into a successful film Made in Dagenham (worth a watch if you have not seen it). But who has heard of the Grunwick Dispute and Jayaben Desai a strike which ended in failure, but ultimately in success for working class female migrant workers.


This is a battle that is still ongoing for working class women. Council workers have taken councils to court and won thousands in back pay for doing “women” work which was considered less skilled than “men” work. The facts are clear women have narrowed the gap but they have not closed it.


As for UKIP men this was the response @womensayno2ukip got today when she asked why they disliked feminism. I would like to apologise to the majority of the male of the species before I post these as I know they do not represent your views. From these, however, it does seem that some of UKIPs male supporters are obsessed with two things tits and quotas












As for the reality regarding women in power it is a depressing picture where improvements have been slow or non existence. The recommendations of the Women on Boards report of 2011 did not favour quotas but they made it clear that companies have a long way to go before appointments to boards are on a merit only basis, that over 90% of appointments are still made without advertising or interview. The report set clear targets for large companies and set out compelling business reasons why boards work better with a more equal representation of women.
The Sex and Power report of 2013 was emphatic in its conclusions that women and underrepresented and that just hoping that women will gain positions of power will not work!

If UKIP want to bang on about merit perhaps do so when all men in in power are there on the basis of merit and not on the basis of a pair of balls!

Blaming kids the UKIP way

I wrote this blog a year ago and true to form UKIP and the Daily Express are leading the charge on children who dare to speak more than one language. The express article claimes a special invesigation, however the figures for children who speak more than one language are readily available. An annual census is completed by schools. The last one was used to inform a report on best practices in EAL teaching. It’s along report one which I have read as part of my CPD as a teacher. The report clearly states in its introduction:

The original blog post is posted below and applies today as much as it did when it was originally written. 

A quote by UKIP master of miscommunication, Patrick O’Flynn has revealed yet again the ignorance of kippers when it comes to education, quoted in his old newspaper, he states the need for migrants to make “major tax contributions to cover the extra public services costs” and that migrants should ensure that ” their children are already fluent in English”
A link to the article was posted by UKIP Communities Spokesperson Suzanne Evans ( a post she is obviously not suited for, but then no one in UKIP would be). The comments that then followed are to be expected when dealing with the uncomprehending supporters and members of UKIP.

There is the usual total misunderstanding of the issue, it’s not that they do not speak English, but that English is their second language. They may well be fluent in both.


Then there is the how can they learn anything if they can not speak English. They learn English and then guess what they out perform kids of a similar economic background who spoke English when they arrived at school.


The perennial it will disadvantage “native” kids, forgetting that some of these kids have been born here and grown up in households who speak one language at home and one outside of the home, some will be refugees and yes some will be here with their parents who are here working and contributing to the tax system.


As usual with large swathes of UKIP this is not about EU migration but about Muslims, wicked EU plans and conspiracy theories .. Deserving of tin foil hats and counselling. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at this conversation between UKIP supporters


As usual UKIP ignore the realities of bilingual students. Two studies one undertaken in Holland and reported on here and this one in the UK, found that there was little or no effect on the education of native English speakers when large numbers of non native speakers are taught side by side with them.

To quote from the report ..

“primary-aged students catch up in English proficiency at a rate such that they do not impede the progress of their native-speaking peers”.
East Europeans also improved maths performance in their schools, possibly because “these . . . families . . . influence other children or the classroom environment in a positive way . . . This could be [because of their] better behaviour or a stronger work ethos”.

As someone who has taught in schools with high numbers of students who are non English speakers and has inspected schools in the same situation, I am confident that when you do have students who speak little of no English it improves your teaching .. You use more visual and kinaesthetic teaching styles, you think more carefully about how to enthuse students and you presume less about the understanding of concepts, this is to the benefit of all your students. (Just consider the advice in this document for primary school teachers) It is no coincidence that of the ten schools with the highest numbers of non English speakers, 8 have been rated as good or outstanding. To reach outstanding all the students in the school will have to overachieved according to Fischer Family Trust predictions – not just the non English speakers!

There is good research to show that students who are allowed to use both languages that they speak in school achieve better results and that parents should be encouraged to ensure their kids are bilingual. How that would horrify the little englander kippers!

If we are looking to the future economic success of Britain a large number of bilingual adults will help us reap the rewards of a global economy, with adults who are better problem solvers, able to communicate confidently with our trading partners around the world. These bilingual adults will have better cognitive functions and if they continue to use both languages are less likely to suffer from problems of dementia in old age.

UKIP need to stop scaremongering. Either they misunderstand and therefore need to do some actual research or they are deliberately using young students to frighten the British public. Sadly I suspect for UKIP leadership it’s the latter and for those who follow blindly the former.

Really UKIP .. White Genocide in South Africa

Up early this morning I noticed this tweet

Being the curious type I followed the link and found this letter written by Alan Bigwood at UKIP head office


The letter is pretty vague, apparently this is a problem that Alan has, for example it refers to countries in Africa. I would have left it at one tweet from me, if it not been for this set of notifications when I got home from work


Now Lawrence Brewer is a very vocal UKIP member, he is always questioning those do not like UKIP as to their evidence .. So one would like to know how he can call me scum, without checking out the validity of the claims made by @N_ata6ha.

Firstly he perhaps should have checked out wether there is a problem of white genocide in South Africa. There are certainly claims, for example by this site, the home of everything and anything connected to white supremacy. This video by the BBC programme More or Less discusses the reality of the situation in South Africa, where crime levels are unacceptably high and all groups in society are suffering, from violence. It concludes however that there is no “white genocide”

Secondly, perhaps, Lawrence should have checked the TL of the person he defended, by claiming I was lefty scum. Let’s see we have this, apparently his new friend would like a return to the days of Apartheid. I guess that fits in with the libertarian principles of UKIP.


Finally, the retweet history of the original tweet, gives you an unholy mix of Bluehand anti Islamists, UKIP supporters and some well know nationalists like Michael Graham.


I have given Lawrence the opportunity to explain further why he would call me “scum” and defend someone in favour of a return to apartheid. I guess, though, I may be waiting a while since he as blocked me as unacceptable!

How to diminish crimes against women the UKIP way

I have been here before with ukip. The idea that just because staring seems petty it can not be a symptom of something far more serious.

There is an ongoing case in The Scottish Courts of man arrested under stalking laws for parking outside the office of Nicole Sturgeon for three months and staring. We do not know who he was starting at, it could have been one of the he workers in the office. But the arrest of the man concerned is seen as some in UKIP as being a sign that the SNP are Stalinist or apparently Nazi!

Today’s conversation started with this set of tweets


Not only is it “outrageous” .. But it would have horrified the men who fought for our freedoms. I am pretty sure that they did not fight for the right for women to be harmed!

There after was the usual ukip nonsense where a libertarian stance is taken without due regard for women’s safety.




When UKIP Borders member Caroline was told that is disturbed the other women in the office she, as is her wont, brushed it off with some cheap dig. She obviously has very little respect for other women..

I did ask her to consider this ..


I have received no reply! I am not expecting one.

The conversation is ongoing but apparently because I care that women are not abused, that stalking is dealt with at an early stage before it leads to violence – I hate men!


And finally we end with this guy who jumped in at the end, failing to read the entire thread, another kipper who thinks that laws are a waste of time.


The laws on stalking are open to abuse, but the value to women who feel threatened in their work place or their homes is immeasurable. Women and indeed men have a right to protection under the law.