How to diminish crimes against women the UKIP way

I have been here before with ukip. The idea that just because staring seems petty it can not be a symptom of something far more serious.

There is an ongoing case in The Scottish Courts of man arrested under stalking laws for parking outside the office of Nicole Sturgeon for three months and staring. We do not know who he was starting at, it could have been one of the he workers in the office. But the arrest of the man concerned is seen as some in UKIP as being a sign that the SNP are Stalinist or apparently Nazi!

Today’s conversation started with this set of tweets


Not only is it “outrageous” .. But it would have horrified the men who fought for our freedoms. I am pretty sure that they did not fight for the right for women to be harmed!

There after was the usual ukip nonsense where a libertarian stance is taken without due regard for women’s safety.




When UKIP Borders member Caroline was told that is disturbed the other women in the office she, as is her wont, brushed it off with some cheap dig. She obviously has very little respect for other women..

I did ask her to consider this ..


I have received no reply! I am not expecting one.

The conversation is ongoing but apparently because I care that women are not abused, that stalking is dealt with at an early stage before it leads to violence – I hate men!


And finally we end with this guy who jumped in at the end, failing to read the entire thread, another kipper who thinks that laws are a waste of time.


The laws on stalking are open to abuse, but the value to women who feel threatened in their work place or their homes is immeasurable. Women and indeed men have a right to protection under the law.


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