Really UKIP .. White Genocide in South Africa

Up early this morning I noticed this tweet

Being the curious type I followed the link and found this letter written by Alan Bigwood at UKIP head office


The letter is pretty vague, apparently this is a problem that Alan has, for example it refers to countries in Africa. I would have left it at one tweet from me, if it not been for this set of notifications when I got home from work


Now Lawrence Brewer is a very vocal UKIP member, he is always questioning those do not like UKIP as to their evidence .. So one would like to know how he can call me scum, without checking out the validity of the claims made by @N_ata6ha.

Firstly he perhaps should have checked out wether there is a problem of white genocide in South Africa. There are certainly claims, for example by this site, the home of everything and anything connected to white supremacy. This video by the BBC programme More or Less discusses the reality of the situation in South Africa, where crime levels are unacceptably high and all groups in society are suffering, from violence. It concludes however that there is no “white genocide”

Secondly, perhaps, Lawrence should have checked the TL of the person he defended, by claiming I was lefty scum. Let’s see we have this, apparently his new friend would like a return to the days of Apartheid. I guess that fits in with the libertarian principles of UKIP.


Finally, the retweet history of the original tweet, gives you an unholy mix of Bluehand anti Islamists, UKIP supporters and some well know nationalists like Michael Graham.


I have given Lawrence the opportunity to explain further why he would call me “scum” and defend someone in favour of a return to apartheid. I guess, though, I may be waiting a while since he as blocked me as unacceptable!


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