Hey UKIP it’s simple Maths!

When you tell me that the EU has caused uncontrolled mass migration into this county I really should have checked the figures earlier.
This is the graph used to persuade the public that uncontrolled migration is a problem

But this shows all migration into the UK not just EU. It includes migration which is very much controlled by a system of visas.
Another Favourite of the UKIP supporter in the midst of debate is this one ..

But this only shows UK citizens who moved to the EU – who cares where they go – they are no longer here it’s irrelevant if you are looking at net migration into the UK
So here is my offering based on the ONS figures found here, ( before you sneer “they are out by x amount” they may well be but it will be proportionately x amount for all groups in all directions ) The only migration we can not control is Migration within their EU and how many British people choose to leave the UK.
In Graph form for those visual learners amongst you

In table form for those who like figures

And for those who like to “Keep It Simple”
The number of people added to the UK through uncontrolled migration since 1997 is
Minus 258000 –
So exactly how is minus 258000 mass uncontrolled migration, It’s not unrestricted travel by EU citizens but old fashioned migration from the Commonwealth that makes up the bulk of people coming into this country and leaving the EU will not change that. Personally I have very few problems with any migration but stop making out our country has been swamped by the EU it has not.

I would like to thank Michael Abberton and his letter in the Huffington Post that prompted to me to do some common sense maths.


13 thoughts on “Hey UKIP it’s simple Maths!

  1. I’m still not sure they will get it, but it’s great that you and others are trying to make it as simple as possible for Ukip. Personally, I blame the schools – they obviously only went to everyday comprehensive schools like me for their education…

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  3. Well yes it is simple maths the controlled immigration is genuine asylum seekers, and people who are filling in jobs where we need them, unfortunately ones like nursing and medical doctors which used to get filled with immigrants are not getting the same amount of applicants from the traditional areas because it is harder for them to get in to the country, but the jobs at the bottom end of the market are getting flooded. Of course it is time that people who are anti UKIP got it right UKIP has never said that all immigration should be stopped, but that it should be controlled the unfettered immigration from the eussr is not in any way controlled, and the numbers are not as well monitored because they have a “right” to walk in.

  4. I question these graphs, In the building trade there are more Eu works than British and Irish. Perhaps they don’t count them when they come in!!!

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