Hey UKIP a lie is a lie is a lie .. Unless it’s crass stupidity

In May the NUS voted on a motion to oppose UKIP. You might not agree with this but it’s important, at this point, before we go any further to understand the difference between oppose and ban. Ukip are not banned they can stand in NUS elections, if they wish. Further rationale behind the vote to oppose can be found here

Yesterday the youth wing of UKIP decided to set up a new group Ukip students to cater for the laughably small numbers of uni students who support ukip

This is where the fun and games begins Suzanne Evans Community spokesperson Tweets that the NUS are a leftist dictatorship, I asked for an example of dictator like behaviour … She tells me ukip candidates are not allowed to stand for election .. I point out her mistake – so far so every day ..


She asks me to apologise for calling her a liar .. I point out she lied


Then blow me she tells the same lie again, whilst demonstrating ignorance about the actual date of the NUS conference


You will note from the above tweet the Caroline Santos jumped in with her two pence worth to defend Ms Evans ( it was really worth less than that )

First she tweeted two tweets from YI from back in May


The confusion it seems started back in May when YI lied ( perhaps we could use the word exaggeration but really it’s a lie ) and now their original lie is being used to defend a new lie!

Of course once Caroline Suzanne and YI were confronted with their lies they apologised and promised never to do it again – because Ukip are different from all other political parties.


That will be Caroline admitting she is wrong .. how about YI


They also happily admit they were wrong ..

Of course none of them admitted they were wrong or that they lied in order to make the NUS look authoritarian and undemocratic. As for opposing a political party that’s what we all so all the time .. Either we oppose UKIP or we support it – it is democracy at work.

So I will leave you with the libertarian view point from Ms Santos .. And yes Caroline opposing a political viewpoint you disagree with is very much part of democracy.



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