Ukip and Sex Education .. 

This is an update to blog originally published in 2014 to include new information about UKIPs Christian Soldiers and their influence on ukip education policy.

UKIP have added flesh to their education bone of grammar schools. That it remains emaciated is not a surprise.

A grammar school in every town – apart from the fact that the vast majority of towns and cities already have a grammar school the policy is one that has been shown time and again to fail the poorest but brightest kids. 

They also want to scrap sex and relationship education for the under 11’s. Many girls enter puberty before they leave primary school. Your average kipper will say it’s the responsibility of parents and not the education system. 

But children are far more receptive to it being taught in a matter of fact way with boys and girls learning about each other in a safe environment. It is important that young children understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching and who to go to if something happens that they are uncomfortable with. The sad fact is not all kids have a home life that allows them to discuss these issues, this ensures that all children understand what is happening to their bodies and what is right and wrong. At the same time relationship education is essential in primary schools it helps prevent bullying, helps children to make positive relationships with others, gives children the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.

As this report shows nearly a third of children did not learn about sexual consent in sex education lessons, 43 per cent of children knew the difference between a good and a bad relationship, and one in three did not know, or was unsure, where they could get help if they were sexually assaulted. And the Ukip plan makes it more certain that this will remain the case. 

Ukip, so keen to jump on the band wagon of the sex abuse scandal seem, also, to be keen on ensuring some children remain ignorant and suffer in silence.

Ukip seem to have ignored the fact that abuse of young children is not, despite what the press would have is believe, on the whole by strangers but in the home or by one of their peers

One in 20 children (4.8%) have experienced contact sexual abuse.
Over 90% of children who experienced sexual abuse, were abused by someone they knew.
More than one in three children (34%) who experienced contact sexual abuse by an adult did not tell anyone else about it.
Four out of five children (82.7%) who experienced contact sexual abuse from a peer did not tell anyone else about it.

As Chole Hamilton said in the Independent
“It is our responsibility, as adults, to equip children with the skills and information they need to recognise and report abuse. It’s terrifying to think how many primary-school children might have suffered in silence, confused and unsure about whether they should report inappropriate behaviour, unsure even if the behaviour is inappropriate. If we don’t educate children from a young age about the difference between consent and abuse, we are leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of unimaginable horrors.” 

Update .. When you engage with kippers on social media it becomes very clear that they are convinced that young children are going to learn about the sex act or horrors of horrors they are going to be turned Gay! 

This leaflet was being handed out at the Ukip Spring Conference: 

I was challenged by a member of Ukip as to what words, in the above, did I find offensive and then told that I was clearly smearing! 

Ukip LGBT wing have had a rough week. They have lost one leader and today issued a statement, on their Face Book regarding the ukip christian soldiers.

In the final part of the statement they are directly at odds with the leadership of the party and the majority of the membership who, like the example below, fear children are going to be taught all about sex and gay sex.

There was no answer to the final question he just blocked me as being unreasonable, the translation being that I asked a question he could not answer. 

It’s clear that the ban on SRE in primary schools is pandering to those who have no real idea of what it entails, or are afraid that being homosexual can be taught by lefty liberal teachers with a cultural marxist agenda. 

I wrote this blog at the time of the Doncaster Conference where the picture below was taken. Ukip claim they are a board church with many view points, perhaps it is time to stop their policies on SRE being motivated by their membership who occasionally consist of people such as these.


 Ukip want only one exam board, this was one of the Michael Gove attempts to destroy education, I guess this is another example of Ukip borrowing politics from other parties and claiming them as their own. Do they have no imagination?

Halt the closure of special schools. I live on an island with no access to special schools, all pupils whatever their ability come to the high school and we provide a tailored education for their needs. This is another policy lifted from the tories in opposition. Inclusion is vitally important for society as well as the individual and Ukip would be advised to do some actual research perhaps starting here.

As for the Ukip Apprenticeship Qualification .. Do they know about BTECs. Yet another example of Ukip reinventing the wheel.

Free degrees for STEM courses and medicine. To do this they want to cut the number and range of humanities courses as well as the numbers going to university. I guess they want an education system just for big business and not for society. One could, also, assume that they don’t want graduates that might question the effect of their policies on wider society.


How to divide and conquer the UKIP way

Last night I got up at 3.30am and I watched the result of the Independence Referendum in Scotland as they rolled in. I felt a stab of disappointment with each one and I hoped that despite the often lively debates that were had all over Scotland we would rally together as a country. Not least to ensure that the three major parties at Westminster live up to the promises that they made. I am immensely proud of my adopted country, yes there were incidents of poor behaviour and intimidation but it could have been so much worse and despite the best efforts of people like Ukip’s David Coburn to make it about sectarianism and hatred of the English the vast majority kept it civil. In the end an unprecedented percentage of the population were engaged in political debate and used the opportunity to make sure their voices were heard.
With that in mind this morning should have been a time of building bridges between communities in Scotland and between Scotland and the rest of the UK. It was not a time to make political hay, however, as so often has been the case, Nigel Farage and Ukip were straight out of the gate encouraging division and renewed hatred.
A debate does need to be had about the political shape of power in the UK and this does include:
• What powers Scotland and other regions of the UK will have
• How will Scotland be funded
• The west Lothian Question
All of these and others need to be addressed over the next few months but not this morning when hearts were still sore and the dreams of 1.6 million people had been dashed.
So, how did Nigel Farage and UKIP decide to bridge the divide and encourage unity?
They sent David Coburn out during the night to talk about England as the results were coming in. Judging by the comments on Twitter he was an unmitigated disaster and alienated almost all those who voted regardless of the camp they were in. ( but then if you read this you will see he and his sidekick have been doing that throughout the campaign ).

I am not a fan of making jokes at the expense of some ones appearance but just for those who might find this funny

In the morning they sent out the big gun the Dear Leader Nigel Farage to rub salt in wounds and encourage discord – Ukip takes it moves right out of the Britain as invader book – divide and conquer.

Let’s DEMAND a review of the Barnett Formula ..


Let’s focus on the English and what they want and introduce the idea that the Scots are some how conning the English ..


Let's have a photo shoot of me posting some pointless letters to MPs based in Scottish ..


As a fellow user on twitter righty said


We should not forget the average kipper, who with no irony, claimed the SNP were the same as the BNP ..


I will finish with a quick reminder that not all supporters of Yes are nationalists and not all supporters of yes are even Scottish. I am English but I have chosen to live in Scotland, in one of the wilder more remote bits. This morning a kipper who frequently comments on my TL posts decided to post this, he by the way does not live in Scotland.


In five years of living in Scotland this is the first time anyone has said anything about my Englishness. When I was thinking of voting NO not even the most nationalist of those around me commented on it, my partner who was also born in England voted NO and yet the main force of YES in our community has said nothing either to his face or behind it and they remain friends. I should be incredulous that it should come from a kipper but the sad truth is I am not.

With Paul Nuttall saying in August “People are increasingly fed up with the Scots getting free prescriptions and university tuition fees and their MPs voting on laws that only apply to England” Perhaps all those in Scotland who object to being belittled join together and campaign to ensure Ukip get no further power in Scotland or the rest of the UK.

The indyref, UKIP and me

Around 5pm today I will vote Yes. It’s not without a great deal of trepidation and it is motivated by the long term desire for a fairer country for my daughter and the short term desire to remove myself from the political influence of the right in UK, and in particular the pernicious influence of ukip on British Politics. They remain, despite David Coburn’s best efforts, a minor force in Scotland, as their recent press junket showed they have no real appeal here.

I will not be heartbroken if it’s a No vote as I know that if power remains centralised in Westminster, if real change does not occur, there will be a mandate for a repeat and then it will be Yes.

I would like to thank the campaign by better together for ensuring that I vote Yes and for David Coburn in cementing my decision with his vile and divisive comments and tweets – this being a typical example ..


Or this from Caroline Santos enabling the idea of sectarianism


Or this putting a lie to the idea that Yes campaign were the only vandals


And not to forget the Wings Over Scotland is a Nazi organisation tweet