The indyref, UKIP and me

Around 5pm today I will vote Yes. It’s not without a great deal of trepidation and it is motivated by the long term desire for a fairer country for my daughter and the short term desire to remove myself from the political influence of the right in UK, and in particular the pernicious influence of ukip on British Politics. They remain, despite David Coburn’s best efforts, a minor force in Scotland, as their recent press junket showed they have no real appeal here.

I will not be heartbroken if it’s a No vote as I know that if power remains centralised in Westminster, if real change does not occur, there will be a mandate for a repeat and then it will be Yes.

I would like to thank the campaign by better together for ensuring that I vote Yes and for David Coburn in cementing my decision with his vile and divisive comments and tweets – this being a typical example ..


Or this from Caroline Santos enabling the idea of sectarianism


Or this putting a lie to the idea that Yes campaign were the only vandals


And not to forget the Wings Over Scotland is a Nazi organisation tweet



3 thoughts on “The indyref, UKIP and me

  1. An excellent choice. And the added benefit that we will have to have another European election for our MEPs where Coburn’s quotes will be used aplenty if he has the gall to stand for re-election.

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