HEY UKIP being flexible is not all it’s cracked up to be

What was most interesting about the Ukip conference was what was not said. UKip have been accused of wanting to remove the rights of women to maternity leave, men to paternity leave, the rights of temporary workers to equality with permanent workers and a myriad of other policies from the EU that protect workers in the work place.

Amjad Bashir did have a web site that had these views in plain site, but when noted they mysteriously disappeared.

Kippers were always happy to defend these policies when they were out in the open, quoting the cost for small companies of maternity pay. Nigel Farage made his views clear back in 2010 and like sheep they all followed.

IMG_4380.PNG and we have no reason to think that his views have changed. Only last year he was pontificating on women who get pregnant being useless to employers and blaming them for a glass ceiling that still exists.

Now they are more circumspect, they deny that they want to get rid of Maternity Pay, claiming labour lies ..


Of course Ukip do not want to get rid of maternity pay, they never did. They wanted to make it optional for Small and Medium size companies to offer Maternity Pay, as in you want to work for us you do so on the basis that we will not have to pay you or retain your job if you get pregnant. The same applies to other rights that we have gained as employees by being part of the EU.

Is there any evidence that Ukip have changed their views, no, instead we have a policy from Margot Parker talking about Ukip being the party of small and medium size businesses.

The telling quote from which is

Once out of the European Union, we would restore common sense flexibilities, which would allow more people into work, but more than that, would create a more robust, flexible labour market.

Ukip are not referring to the idea that we adapt as a workforce as we already have one of the most flexible labour forces in the world.

The clue is in the wording “once out of the European Union”. It is the rights that EU legislation has afforded to British workers they wish to do away with.

Any economist will tell you that the barriers to a flexible workforce are

It’s not surprising that Ukip are short on details when it comes to discussing these issues.

Ukip have not given any details on their policies on workers rights and I suspect we will not see any this side of the General Election.


8 thoughts on “HEY UKIP being flexible is not all it’s cracked up to be

  1. UKIP policy is written in Black and White.
    If you want to try the Labour Party method of lying about policy that says more about you.

    As for what Nigel Farage said.

    a) He said it 4 years ago.
    b) He has a point. Maternity pay is exactly as it should be in Britain at the moment. Putting it up will only make the country poorer as a whole.
    It will also put small and medium businesses off appointing women due to cost of maternity pay, premiums to cover that pay and the cost of replacing that member of staff.

    These are simple fact that have not been debated with regards to this old tweet by Farage.

    But hey that’s not why it has been posted is it.

    Why debate a subject when you can use it to smear someone.

    Act like a grown up and actually debate the subject.

    1. Thomas .. I quoted directly from the policy as stated in the speech at your conference. The use of the phrase “flexible” in relation to a work force when linked to EU regulations can only mean the loss of current protections afforded to us by membership.
      Mr Farage’s tweet did not refer to a rise in maternity pay please check your facts
      As I stated in my blog his views have not changed
      There is no actual detailed Ukip policy on Workers rights
      Your attitude towards workers rights is in line with the rather selfish attitude of most Ukip supporters
      Thomas you made several false accusations against me last night and again this morning .. Your credibility to somewhat shot

      Since you seem to have no idea what farage was tweeting .. Perhaps spend some time looking it up as opposed to whining on twitter.

      1. Ah yes I must have gotten confused by the bit where he was talking about maternity pay in the tweet that you said he wasn’t talking about maternity pay? lol

        As for my credibility.
        You really have got a big head haven’t you.
        You are a nobody.
        I didn’t realise the post that was referenced was from 4 years ago. With all due respect, why would I go through 4 years of tweets just to make sure he hadn’t posted it.
        I went through 2-4 weeks which seemed like an appropriate timeframe and there was no sign of it.

        This morning I admitted I was wrong about the tweet and apologised for a comment I made in reference to who I thought had done the picture.

        In life we all get things wrong.
        You say my credibility is shot yet are making assumptions about UKIP policy.


      2. Thomas I would suggest that it might have been better if you had thought a little before replying ..

        The comment was in relation to maternity leave and it’s length not amount paid per week, which is what you have assumed http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/content/20101020IPR88388/html/Extending-maternity-leave-to-20-weeks-with-full-pay.

        Your credibility is based on if your information is reliable
        The date was on the screenshot I took
        Do you know how to use twitter search? I don’t have the time to trawl

        Your idea of an apology is sadly lacking in both style and content – you continue to insult me personally on your TL to moan about lefties in general instead of actually debating policy.

        My assumption about policy is based on Ukip stated aim to increase flexibility in the work force once they remove us from the protections of the EU. You can add to this the defence of the policy as I see it by large numbers of kippers including MEPs.

        Thomas you lost this debate once you decided to be call a person a “nobody”. The comment is a playground insult that comes out of the class system and the idea of an elite, the hatred of which, I thought, was at the centre of Ukips political argument.

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