Are Ukip MEPs Ignorant Naive or Stupid?

This will be a blog that will probably be regularly updated. Any suggestions proof or examples that help prove one of the above will be added so please comment or send me a tweet at @liberalisland.

To start the ball rolling we have Jane Collins. Currently on a mission to highlight the victims of abuse in Rotherham she seems to have lost the ability to differentiate between genuine concern and political point scoring of the worst kind.

17 hours ago she posted a tweet as a quote from @fight4uk


Either she is naive and did not read it and posted a link to an anti Semitic Blog (although the clue is in the phrase the “jewess Harriet Ruth Harmon clearly visible in the tweet)
She’s ignorant saw this but did not realise it’s significance.
She’s stupid and thinks it’s okay to be anti Semitic.

Jane Collins is paid a great deal of money to represent her community. I am sure the Jewish members of that community will join the Muslim ones in wondering if they are getting value for money.


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