Ukip think we misunderstand them .. NO we don’t

Thomas Evans wrote a blog listing the common misconceptions about Ukip and telling us all why they were wrong. Since he is so fond of commenting on my blog I thought I would return the favour.

The replies in Bold are mine the rest belongs to Thomas ..

We are anti-European.

No we are anti EU. Europe is a continent of 50+ nations. The EU is a Political Union of 28 Nations. They are not the same thing! –

Nobody thinks that only UKIP think we think that 

- We team up with Far Right Parties in the EU.
We rejected both the French National Front and Golden Dawn in the EU parliament.

No one thinks you don’t like Europe that’s just what Ukip say so they don’t have to defend their woeful attitudes towards people who don’t speak English
You are currently in partnership with these – the video says it all

- We want to privatise the NHS.

No we don’t. In fact it is UKIP policy not to privatise it or any if its essential services. Only the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems have privatised sections of the NHS. Only Labour have left the NHS in the past in dire straits with a reported £60 billion black-hole at the end of their term in Government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Would you let people opt out of the NHS and buy private services?
You believe there is too much middle management and claim ridiculous high wages for the job that they do, you have been doing it on a twitter today, perhaps read this from the Kings Fund and stop believing everything the Daily Mail writes .

- UKIP are anti-Immigration.

No. We are actually pro-Global immigration which is more than can be said with regards the EU who prioritise unskilled labour from the EU ahead of skilled labour from the Commonwealth and elsewhere in the World. UKIP want sustainable numbers in the 40,000-50,000 bracket.

We already have skilled labour coming from the non EU world 152000 visas were issued for work last year – that means you want to cut the opportunity come here as a skilled worker to 1/3 of current level. I am sure the employers requesting these visas would be most impressed with you – in fact I am sure they may choose to locate elsewhere! You are indeed anti-immigrant and your policy takes no consideration of the huge numbers of seasonal workers required for agriculture and tourism or the fact that some areas of the UK require immigration to bolster an aging population. 

- UKIP are homophobic.

UKIP believe that religions should have the right to choose whether as according to their beliefs, they should conduct Gay marriages. Nigel Farage himself said that UKIP would be pro-Gay marriage if the risk of the European Court of Human Rights taking legal action against religious groups refusing to conduct gay marriages was removed. A devoutly Christian couple were recently taken to court and lost, and were forced to pay excessive compensation for refusing a gay couple permission to stay in their hotel. Regardless of their religious beliefs. Equality has to apply to everyone. Even if you disagree with why they believe in what they do as long as in confines of law.

If you allow one couple to refuse service because their customers are gay would you find it acceptable if a deeply racist accommodation provider refused service on the basis that the couple are black. How about if a housing rental company consistently refused black tenants. Religion is not an excuse for discriminating! Would you find is acceptable to see signs like this is people’s homes?


- UKIP are just a protest vote.

UKIP have been steadily building up a core membership for years now. They have a higher UK membership than the Green Party and shall soon (it would appear) be challenging the Liberal Democrat membership figure. Previous to the Scottish Independence Referendum we had a higher membership number than the Scottish National Party. 
UKIP win Council elections, are on the verge of winning its first MP’s and won a National Election recently. We have been polling consistently for 6 months now and have in the last 10 years been steadily improving and growing. If we are a protest party we are a very long protest party!

The SNP is a regional party not a national party, please compare to something credible! You have a core membership and support base and everyone uses you as a throw away protest vote. The number of people who like you as fallen

Perhaps read this Thomas form Peter Kellner
“More detailed analysis shows that in 2009 Ukip secured the support of fewer than half the voters who felt positively about it. The rest voted Conservative or BNP – or, in smaller numbers, Labour, Green or Liberal Democrat. Last month Ukip harvested almost three-quarters of those who felt positive about it. This time round Ukip benefited from the collapse in BNP support and the greater willingness of unhappy Tories to lend their votes to Ukip this time round.
Overall, Ukip has not so much won new friends as polarised public opinion. Ukip did better this time at turning diminishing approval into votes, but it also alienated far more of the electorate. Millions more voters now regard Ukip negatively than in 2009, and fewer decline to take sides”

- UKIP only appeal to Tory voters and members.

UKIP have been consistently taken votes away from Labour (in some areas up to 30%), Lib Dems (in some areas 20%-30%) and 20% of our vote has come from people who had formerly not voted at all.

- A UKIP vote will hand Miliband and Labour the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Let’s get a few things straight. a) The Tories do not have a God given right to a vote. b) The Tories are the one who lost their vote. Had they kept numerous promises given over the years they would not be in the mess they currently are in now. c) In Heywood and Middleton, the Tories literally (according to polls) have no chance of winning, indeed UKIP in many areas of the North and North-west are the only competition against Labour. So actually a vote for the Tories in some areas will hand Labour MP’s. Only a UKIP vote in some areas will stop Labour MP’s joining Ed Miliband in Parliament. d) Whether people like to admit it or not. UKIP have revealed very sensible policies that people will agree with.

So you want tories to vote for you so you can take Labour seats .. Okay
Sensible policies like Btecs renamed (labour) or gammars (a failed policy from the 1950’s) No sex ed for primary school kids ( lets not empower young people to know when something is inappropriate ) Abolish ministry of culture ( an industry worth £8million an hour to the UK economy ). I could go on but I do have a life!

– UKIP are anti-Working class. Labour are the only true supporters of the working class.

Labour were the party who defied the people, and went ahead and signed the Lisbon Treaty. Subjecting the UK to more migrants from 2009 onwards than the country had ever seen previous. This deluge of unskilled migrants had the impact of reducing employment opportunity, compressing wages and encouraging businesses to discard British workers in favour of foreign cheap labour largly skilled workers prepared to do unskilled jobs

Research has clearly shown that this little relationship between unemployment, wage depression and European Migration ..

A 2009 study found that A8 immigrants – that is those from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland – paid 37 per cent more in direct or indirect taxes than they received in public goods and services.
Another study, carried out by researchers at UCL, found that new migrants were 60 per cent less likely than natives to receive state benefits or tax credits, and 58 per cent less likely to live in social housing.
Overall in 2008/9 migrants contributed 0.96 per cent of total tax receipts and accounted for only 0.6 per cent of total expenditures. So your complaint has to lie elsewhere .. Perhaps like Farage you object to foreign voices.

This has also lead to Zero Hour contracts and illegal cash in hand payment for work. This one action has set back workers employment opportunities more than any single act in British history.

zero hour contract are not the result of EU migration but an indication of the “flexible workforce” that Ukip so desire.

UKIP want to trim migration down to sensible levels, see previous comments on migration create more apprenticeship schemes, discourage people from assuming huge student loan debts by doing good honest work which doesn’t require expensive educations that will never be used ..

short termism and not reflected in the any reseach infact the opposite is true

reduce the dreadful youth unemployment levels ..

Ukip frequently link this to immigration however
There are some common myths about the labour market … immigration does not appear to lead to youth unemployment. Academic research finds either no evidence that immigration results in high youth unemployment, or evidence that it causes a rise which could only explain a fraction of the rise in NEET levels in the UK between 2004-2008, an examination of the rise in NEET levels after 2004 finds no positive link with immigration (indeed the rise in NEET levels was highest in some of the regions least affected by immigration)

Your housing policy of offering housing on where your parents live means that those young people who are unemployed will find it harder, than even now, to move to areas where there is work. Housing should be on a needs only basis – those on greatest need whomever they are get priority.
will remove income tax from the minimum wage making it more financially worthwhile to get into employment

Only if you have 2 children anyone with a third will lose exactly the same amount they gain, add to that the desire to create a more flexible labour force by leaving the EU and their pesky rules about equal pay for temporary workers et…

and will make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to operate meaning more jobs for everyone! By removing the rights currently enjoyed by those in work afforded to us by our membership of the EU

UKIP are anti-environmental.

UKIP are the only party, along with the Green Party, who want to protect the Green-Belt from development. The other parties are in favour of it.
UKIP oppose HS2, which would have an impact on the environment.
UKIP oppose further expansion of runways in favour of developing runways at other airports Nationally where the increased load of commuters can be accommodated.

Where to start – Ukip deny climate change is occurring despite all the evidence. Ukip Brownfield policy is one that was in place under labour. Ukip agricultural policy includes removing controls on factory farms to ensure their waste is properly disposed of. Ukip are the least green of all the parties – their focus on green-belt is to ignore where development is best and is pure nimbyism 

- UKIP are “fascist”, “racist” and “isolationist”.

UKIP advocate Direct Democracy, Right to Recall and local and national Referendums to bring decision-making back to the people who live within the country.

Until Ukip can show that they are not attracting a large numbers of the far right the above stands. Your libertarian let people be racist if they want attitude allows them to flourish and for their views to remain unchallenged. By cutting aid so deeply you remove our influence from large areas of the world. By cutting immigration below that actually required by business you turn us into an isolationist state.
Ukip 2 children only policy is social engineering at its worse, it is aimed at mostly ethnic minority families who tend to have larger families and is a sock to the EDL BNP contingent within the party.

We want to reconnect with the Commonwealth (a third of the Worlds black/ethnic population), we don’t want people to be discriminated on by their Nation of Birth as the EU, Labour Party, Conservative Party, Green Party and Liberal Democracts currently do by staying within the restrictive, pro-EU member European Union. People should be judged on things like quality and potential. Not the privilege of birth as the EU & Lib/Lab/Con currently support!

See previous statement about immigration. Ukip want to get rid of a multitude of programmes that help developing nations to develop and restrict development aid to emergencies only. How on earth do you think developing nations are going to be able to export manufactured goods to the UK whilst there is no inward investment due to the extremely poor infrastructure, low literacy levels and poor health care.

A little reading Thomas would help you understand why the majority of the UK are very sure that Ukip are not for them and far from being misconceptions they are in fact based on a raft of sources of information from right wing think tanks to those pesky universities .. that Ukip choose to ignore because it spoils their narrative.


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