Hey Ukip why do you hate agency workers

It’s always a good idea to read all the policy statements made by a party, especially when it’s a “Party of the People”. Clearly for Ukip this excludes those who work through agencies.

Now why would Ukip want to repeal the Agency Workers Directive. Well it would go some way to giving the UK the more flexible workforce that Margot Parker called for in her speech.

This flexible workforce can say goodbye to certain rights.

You must receive the National Minimum Wage
You are entitled to paid holiday
If you spend 12 weeks in the same job with the same hirer, you qualify for equal treatment. This means you’re entitled to the same basic terms and conditions as ‘comparable workers’ – employees doing the same job in the same workplace.

There are approximately 1.5million agency workers in the UK. The report Agency Workers in the UK 2009 by CERIC found that

Two thirds of agency workers are in clerical, semi skilled and skilled occupations
The average time in job is 4.5months ( giving them access to employment rights)
Agency workers have similar qualifications to those in permanent work
A high proportion are young and unmarried
A high proportion are women

Oh and the damning bit for Ukip 5% in 2009 were foreigners!

Ukip would argue flexibility is required in the workplace to help employers .. Everyone else would argue that it’s morally wrong to have a two tier society.


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