Hey Ukip my mum says not to worry ..

And I always listen to my mum! ( well in 43 years most of the time )

My mum, a veteran political watcher, tells me not to bother with Ukip they will go the way of other extremist parties. They will make one to many mistakes and the British Public will take a good hard long look and reject them. She’s very wise my mum but I am not ready to ignore then quite yet.
This week, however, has been a reminder to us all that Ukip have very few principles and that their online social media support is largely subservient to the cult of Nigel and Ukip.

Kippers have managed to excuse:

Going after the money.



Lying to the British public about donations to the Red Cross .. And then slating the Red Cross for not wanting to accept donations from them


Not forgetting this classy effort from Thomas Evans


Kippers have managed to demonstrate they have no sense of humour

IMG_4817.PNG Honestly Lawrence do you think any one having fun with #asknigelfarage was actually asking Nigel?

Today we had the surreal picture of a group of smiling ukip supporters in front of their new poster featuring the picture of a sexually abused girl.

Ukip may have miscalculated – exploiting the appalling abuse of so many young people, when parents have asked them not to, will not sit well with the British Public. Ukip has an excuse for this, apparently they are highlighting child abuse. They forget it’s already been highlighted the report into the abuse was not by them and they have offered no solutions or ways to help the abused girls. Instead they further exploit them.

Finally there is this

Ukip and Britain First linked together – nothing more needs to be said.

I would like to thank all those who exposed just one of the little and big lies that Ukip told this week. Anyone who has been called an apologist for abusers .. anyone whose been called a lefty libtard .. anyone who had just one conversation with a kipper and been abused because of it. Ukip will come undone, just as my mum predicts, because of all the individuals who never let a lie remain unchallenged.

A special thanks to Michael Abberton for this – 1218 retweets of the truth!



5 thoughts on “Hey Ukip my mum says not to worry ..

  1. Excellent Post! Will share. Am personally just reeling with the depths that kippers are prepared to sink accusing me it would seem of having a hand in the Rotherham cover up… I have never favoured any cover up in Rotherham. I have never lived in Rotherham. I have never been a member of the Labour Party. But then Kippers don’t see the difference between the Left and the Labour Party. And fail to see that it is not just leftwingers who find the contemptible. Ho hum But then my deceased lover did live in Rotherham for a while and was a lifelong Labour Party member. Hmmm UKIP logic… Keep up the good work! Wish we could just ignore UKIP and other nasties but have to challenge their narrative (distorted) reality and make sure it doesn’t spread. Solidarity and Well Done!!

  2. Money buys medicine…
    No money doesn’t buy medicine…

    If you refect a charitable donation for political purposes you are depriving people of medication which could save their lives…

    1. Thomas you seem not to understand basic principles of charitable donations by political parties. Those who donate the money, in the case the record buying public, must be informed in advance that the money is going to a charity. The itunes advert for the ear vomit clearly stated that 20% of the money was going to Ukip it did not mention the red cross. Therefore the Red Cross could not take the money.
      Further more the Red Cross have never been political, even down to not condemning the Nazis during World War Two.

      “No relief action of any sort by the Red Cross in Germany or the occupied territories could have been undertaken without the approval of the authorities….Conforming to the letter, if not to the spirit of the Geneva Conventions…the Nazi government permitted the ICRC and its delegates to act on behalf of the several millions of prisoners held in the Stalags and Oflags. It refused, however, to allow any intervention on the part of the Red Cross in the concentration camps….In the face of such an obstinate refusal which covered up the horrifying reality, about which one was then ill-informed, the ICRC certainly could have made itself heard; it could have protested publicly and called on the conscience of the world. By doing so it would, however, have deprived itself of any possibility of acting in Hitler’s Empire; it would have deliberately given up what chances there still remained to it to help, even in a restricted manner, the victims of the concentration camp regime. But, above all, it would have made it impossible for it to continue its activity on behalf of millions of military captives. For the Nazi leaders viewed this activity with suspicion which they would have ruthlessly suppressed on the slightest pretext”

      Roger de Pasquier Red Cross Head of Information

      Many Jewish people condemn the Red Cross for what it did not do, but it is to be noted that they remained non political even though lives many have been saved – we will never know.

      The Red Cross help those migrants and failed Asylum seekers who the government sees as illegal. That is to whom they are refer to in their statement .. An example of this can be seen here

      If Ukip had wanted to donate the money to the Red Cross it would have clearly stated so at the outset. The response by Ukip MEPs, supporters and members will come to haunt you as mean spirited and ignorant. The Red Cross is not above criticism but in this case the did the only legal thing they could do!

      Thomas your tweet and your reply to this blog reinforce your image as someone who is politically naive and a slave to Ukip, without the ability to filter information and reach a valid conclusion.

  3. The Red Cross *have* to be non-political – it’s what gets them into war zones with approval from both sides, and it’s in their Charter. Same as Red Crescent.

    Accepting cash from UKIP would have jeopardised that neutral position, and jeopardised their involvement in Humanitarian Relief Efforts in future.

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