Ukip are happy to politicise abuse without equipping the children of the future

The abuse in Rotherham and other Northern towns is appalling. It’s a failure of those in power to listen to and respect the voices of girls and their parents, the voices of people from largely deprived backgrounds. No one is denying that the abusers were mostly from a Pakistani background.
The report by Commissioned by Rotherham Council, is very clear there were systematic failures by all those we hold responsible for caring for our young people. No one can disagree with it’s conclusions. No one is trying to.

However the behaviour of UKip has not added to the debate it has not taken it forward, it has not said how they would help the voices of the unheard be listened to in the future. They have not put forward one policy or suggestion that will help young people who are abused.

As a party they have decided that this poster is the way forward

To say that this politicking at its worst in an understatement. The response of their members has been far far worse.






So what do a Ukip want to do to ensure that young people have the tools to protect them against abuse. Well they voted with the tories to deny all young people the right to universal sexual and reproductive health at the EU. They have ignored these facts

They decided that young people in primary school should learn about what is appropriate and what is not from their carers and parents, seemingly ignoring that 90% of abuse is at the hands of some one they know. In the case of the very young that means family or family friends.

They would be wise to read this

Chole Hamilton in the Independent
“It is our responsibility, as adults, to equip children with the skills and information they need to recognise and report abuse. It’s terrifying to think how many primary-school children might have suffered in silence, confused and unsure about whether they should report inappropriate behaviour, unsure even if the behaviour is inappropriate. If we don’t educate children from a young age about the difference between consent and abuse, we are leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of unimaginable horrors.”

The use of abused young children to make a political point, whilst offering no solutions, whilst having a senior member who like the police in Rotherham makes the mistake of thinking that if you on a date Rape is not the same as when it’s a stranger, whilst denying young children the knowledge that empowers them. This is Ukips solution to the problem .. Not to have one, not to look to the future, to ignore the wishes of parents. To produce an election leaflet that talked about white girls and ignored all other victims


There are many things that need fixing in society. To exploit these whilst failing to address how they may be solved is not looking to the future but exploiting other people’s pain for political gain.

My child will grow up secure – equipped to know when something is not appropriate yet it seems ukip would deny that to many many children.


7 thoughts on “Ukip are happy to politicise abuse without equipping the children of the future

    1. Its not aimed at kippers, they will never change their minds they are in thrall to farage. A would rather is was just shared on the average persons FB page so they can go armed into those little discussion held in workplaces and pubs betwen friends.

  1. Police ignored victims’ complaints because police have contempt for the public if not surburban middle-class. UKIP’s PCC candidate Jack Clarkson is part of the problem, but he blames political correctness.

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