Mr Bickley of the UKIPs .. Step away from Twitter

Two cases in the past week have illustrated how UKIP, from their supporters to their PPCs are either misinformed or use lies to try and persuade the British public around to their point of view. I am not going to embarrass one by giving details .. her shame would be everlasting

The second involves the rather poor loser who is John Bickley, failed by-election candidate, prospective PCC for GE2015 and the oft trotted out working class hero of UKIP. Now to be fair I will point out that Mr Bickley has 396 tweets to his name, and probably less after he deletes any that he has made in the last 24 hours. This makes him a Twitter babe in arms and perhaps he thought that be being exceedingly patronising and telling a whopping lie he wold endear himself to the voting public – who knows?

It all started with a throw away tweet from me – now a more “experienced” (intelligent) parliamentary candidate would have ignored it for what it was – a bit of a dig.

But no Mr Bickley responded with this


And then this ..


I did suggest he stepped away from twitter..

But no he persisted with this conversation about the leaflets he produced during the by-election.


Foolishly conceding that indeed there were other victims of the abuse who were not white – but hey Ukip focussed on the white ones only. That Ukip ignored the Asian victims of abuse is illustrative of their policy of trying to win elections in the the North by attempting to divide mostly financially deprived communities.

Meanwhile he is also being asked about EU legislation by Grilling Kippers and specifically what EU red tape is causing problems for British Businesses. Now if I was a Ukip PPC I would then quote one of the many pieces of EU legislation put in place to ensure worker and consumer safety ( Ukip object to these for reasons only known to Ukip). That however is not what Mr Bickley did he tweeted this


Now this is an Urban Legend, you can find it on Snoops hereI – It’s been around since the 1940’s so it’s not even a new one. It has been used for EU legislation before ..


The only conclusion that can be reached is that Mr Bickley thinks that those he engages with on twitter are as naïve and trusting in the Ukip hype as the vast majority of the Ukip cult follower. That he holds the voting public in such contempt is not a surprise.

Mr Bickley is still at it apparently he has found his conversations with ‘lefties’ amusing

. I believe the last laugh is mine Mr Bickley.

Here is your mythical cabbage ..



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