Ten essentials to being an On Line activist for UKIP

1. You must be happy to identify yourself as a UKIP supporter. There is no point in being subtle; be out there loud and proud …

2. Slavishly follow the party line .. No dissent is allowed.

3. Defend your MEP’s racist/homophobic/Anti Semitic tweets as being all about Freedom of Speech – until they apologise in the national press and then say how great they are at admitting mistakes.

4. With absolutely no sense of irony declare that Farage is the new Churchill. Don’t worry even for his time, Churchill was rather racist.


5. You must be happy to ignore all evidence that disagrees with the party’s non evidenced position – whether on climate change, grammar schools, the EU, NHS managers, immigration .. I could go on but I think you get the point.

6. Further to point 5, you have to believe Rog the Bot, however unable he is to prove his tweets.


Nope Roger the number of NHS managers that were non clinical rose from 2.7% of staff in 1999 to 3.6% in 2009. As for their pay


But if you want to be a great online Ukip activist these facts must be ignored!

7. You must complain bitterly about the inability of comedians to make sexist, racist, homophobic Jokes as being just too much PC. But if someone laughs at Ukip demand that they be removed from public life forthwith .. It’s just all BIAS ..


8. As a great Ukip activist you must be prepared to accuse every anti Ukip activist of being a Liblabcon, Unite Labour Troll, paid for with EU/union/labour money. Whilst you of course are online because of your undying love for Farage.


9. When being an activist for Ukip you must at all times ignore the wishes of victims so as to make political points for your party ( you may be as offensive and as libellous as you wish, you may also link to BNP and other far right web sites )

However if anyone does the same to Ukip you must at once call for the lawyers


10. Finally to be an online activist for Ukip involves the ability to tell bare faced lies convincingly – you will be able to do this because you are hopelessly naive and you truly believe all that UKIPs elitist leaders tell you.

Post script .. You must ignore evidence of other Ukip activists being racist, by stating that you yourself are not racist. You can use the Libertarian excuse, therefore avoiding alienating our BNP and EDL supporters.

This is an excellent example


You should all study Caroline as an excellent example in never condemning any racist or homophobic attitudes from other Ukip supporters.


15 thoughts on “Ten essentials to being an On Line activist for UKIP

    1. Thomas if you look closely at the tweets from ukip member Carl Davies you will see anti Semitic references and accusations that senior labour MPs are paedophiles. Perhaps you might like to comment on those.

      1. Have you any idea how many times Labour members make anti-Semitic comments against UKIP members and supporters?

        But yeah. Just like the media. You only focus on UKIP.

        FYI: There have been senior Labour members who have been revealed to be paedophiles.

        Doesn’t make it okay to smear UKIP with the accusation.

      2. I really should have written point 11, where Ukip use the excuse

        “They do it to”

        How about you provide me with evidence of Labour members being anti Semitic on social media and I will highlight on here for all to see.

        It’s highly likely that in every political party their are paedophiles amongst the membership, I would imagine in exactly the same proportions are there are in society as a whole.

      1. Thomas it’s a not a criminal offence .. She’s not going to court. On the balance of probabilities she may well have belonged to the NF. I really don’t care – people grow and change their views often for the better. Unfortunately she seems stuck in a bit of a rut!

  1. I find that too many liberals are obnoxious and arrogant snobs looking down their noses at UKIP members and supporters. Your problem is that we have no respect for you and your belief in the EU and PC. Your partnership with global companies to use mass immigration to lower our standard of living makes you our enemy.
    You stuck by that vile MP in Portsmouth. Cyril Smith was protected by your Establishment. No mention of the racist LibDem councillors that write disgusting remarks against Jewish people. What was the story of the LibDems councillor who planted bombs around the town he lived in.
    Your people have been running around crazy for decades so every time you find a remark by a UKIP representative that you don’t like ( you don’t have to like it and we don’t have to care if you like it ), we will find dozens of reprehensible or unlawful acts made by liberals.
    God bless social media.

    1. You seem to have made a small mistake in your rant!

      I am not a liberal democrat and have never voted liberal. Perhaps making assumptions based on the word Liberal was your mistake. It does exist in usage outside of being the name of a political party.

    2. By here way

      You are another example “they do it!!!!” So don’t criticise us.

      Write your own blog to highlight the comedy to be found in the social media activities of liblabcon ..

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