Hey Ukip .. What’s your problem with my life!

Over the past few years I have tried to keep my Twitter accounts @liberallife ( sadly locked due to right wing numpties mass reporting ) and @liberalisland somewhat private. For a while this was successful, until I made the mistake of letting Caroline Santos ( now a Ukip PPC ) know my first name in a DM. She put my first name out on Twitter and Foxgoose and a few others spent some time working out where I worked and lived from past tweets.

At this point if you are a Ukip member supporter or MEP just head to the last few paragraphs because that’s all you are interested in.

I have used my account to debate with different groups on the far right of politics, from the EDL, who threatened me with violence. To the real nasties who think that race mixing is a treasonable offence and by having a duel heritage kid I am committing white genocide.

Note how the above was using a Ukip hashtag! No one but I questioned him, no one from Ukip said Oi! thats not what we believe. I have engaged with some very nasty people on Twitter but they never went out of their way to look for my personal details.

However It is only Ukip members MEPs and PPCs who have gone out of their way to make use of my private life and that of others to be insulting.

This ranges from the fairly innocuous and silly like foxgoose who seems somewhat obsessed with my ability to be grammatically accurate on twitter!

This being one example of a nearly daily comment made by him. One wonders how this improves the profile of Ukip re the understanding of their policies. Foxgoose would be better employed defending his indefensible climate change denial.

The there are those who would report me to my place of work for being political tweets

Caroline Santos was instrumental in ensuring that these details were known amongst a select group of frankly rabid Ukip tweeters.

Then there are those who accuse you of lying about your parents cancer

Both the above “gentleman” and Caroline Santos thought it might be a good idea to take a picture of my family that I put on Twitter, and why shouldn’t I, and doctor it with comments to share on Twitter.

Caroline Santos amongst others questions my ability to be a teacher if I am overtly political in my FREE time.

And as for Carl Davis, being a teacher and a “lefty” obviously means I am a paedophile..


So for future reference Ukip. I am 43 years of age, a principal teacher ( which, by the way, means I managed to convince inspectors, the board of governors, the local authority and an interview panel of senior staff and students .. in three separate schools, that in the classroom I am good at my job and that I deliver results). I am the mother of one kid, aged 11 years, her dads Ghanian and an immigrant – she would be classed as a immigrant by Ukip. I am the partner of a photographer and whisky tour guide ( in that order ). I don’t own my own home anymore – I used to but I sold it so I could move to be with my partner. I have two dogs, who I love, we also have mice but they are not pets!
I live in a rented house that’s full of draughts and character on a Hebridean Island, Islay. There are 3200 people living here and most of them know my politics – it’s not a secret! But I do try to ensure that my students can not easily find my blog or my Twitter account, but some of their parents have and they do read it!
If you search for me on the net “Vanessa Fuery” you’ll find precious little other than the standard stuff and this shocking series of blogs I did for National Geographic 3 years ago. You might find some photos but here’s one for future reference – no you may not copy it and put it on Twitter as Ms Santos tried to. The police were happy to intervene. 

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/2c4/63684949/files/2014/12/img_6213-0.pngA few years old, but it seems most pictures of me have my daughter in and she would prefer not to have a recent picture of her on my blog, I removed the one I put on Twitter at her request.

If you what to question my politics then go right ahead, you could always read this. If you want to call me a paedophile, question my professionalism or insult my ability to be a mother then my suggestion is go and find some kids to argue with because that is your level.


Step away from social media UKIP

Meet Bill Piper, he is the PPC for Ukip in Loughborough.


He seems a nice chap, a bit overly concerned that we should all use Happy Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. He likes to dig up old scandals and claim they never made the front page of a newspaper.


SO why is he sharing posts from groups that promote the idea of white supremacism.


A cursory glance at Chilton Patriots FB page makes it clear it’s for white patriots only – it’s the kind of group who believe that Christmas has been banned and white people are in danger of extinction.

I am sure that Bill Piper posted a picture from a White Supremacists Patriot FaceBook page in all innocence, which makes him so naive one wonders if he is best placed to represent the multi cultural population of Loughborough.

Hey Ukip you did not HAVE to lie!

A genuine case of the EU getting it really wrong, even if it was for the right reasons, is about to come into force on January 1st. From that date companies in the UK what ever their size and turnover will need to register for VAT if selling digital service. This includes apps purchased through a platform such the apple App Store or a simple knitting pattern sold through a blog.
The idea was a good one that has been poorly executed, that companies should pay VAT at the rate of the country in which the good is purchased. Designed to prevent companies like Amazon taking advantage of differing VAT rates, it has caught out micro businesses who sell the occasional download within the EU.

There have been numerous articles in the press including this highly critical one in The Guardian.

This ruling will only effect businesses selling a digital service, e-books, apps, online training videos. It will not effect those selling goods or a “live” service to the EU, who currently trade under the VAT threshold in the UK.

How have Ukip approached this issue, reported it honestly, after all it will effect upwards of 34,000 micro businesses and genuinely shows the EU placing an administrative burden on SMEs. Or do the Ukip thing.

They chose the Ukip thing .. LIE. This is what they have put on their web site


They have blatantly gone for the WOW factor .. “ALL businesses selling ANYTHING”

A quote from Margot includes “herbal supplements” are these a downloadable digital service?


One could be charitable and suggest that Margot just got it wrong and misunderstands but her letter here shows she is well aware that it is digital goods only.

Ukip have lied on their web site, FaceBook and Twitter because their policy has always been one of FEAR. If they lie about a genuine case of EU incompetence how can they be trusted to tell the truth on anything.

Ukip; Has Nigel Farage sat down with Claire Khaw

Last weekend Kerry Smith was outed as an idiot. The reverberations have lasted the week and today Nigel Farage was on LBC defending his use the word Chinky.

But the question that remains unanswered is who was the Chinese lady lunching with Farage?

Anyone who has been hanging around anti fash long enough will have had the dubious honour of coming across Claire Khaw. Could she have been the Chinese lady too racist for the BNP?

This is Claire Khaw



Claire is indeed an ex member of the BNP, she was thrown out in 2011 for suggesting parents should be able to commit infanticide if the baby is disabled. She refers to single mothers as SSMs – slut single mothers, thinks the welfare state should be abolished, is vehemently against same sex marriages. Her solution to single mothers is that they should be scourged 100 times. She happily engages with white supremacists and they with her.

So is Claire the one sitting with Nigel. She certainly supports ukip.

Will she admit it if asked, of course not she has frankly appalling views but she it far from stupid ..


Of course you might want to ask Claire yourself but it seems after she spoke to Women Defy about Ukip her account was suspended.


A PPC for Ukip using racist or homophobic language, well that’s to be expected. But Nigel sitting down to lunch with an infanticide supporting neo nazi who would happily flog unmarried mothers is perhaps a step too far for even some die hard kippers.

So is there anyone from the main stream media who would like to go and ask Kerry who he saw sitting with Nigel Farage. In the meantime consider that Claire fits the description to a tee!

Ukip climate science the Foxgoose way

Foxgoose is a Ukip specialist in ignoring all evidence for climate change and asking A level physics questions of those who disagree with him. He once told me that I could not have done a postgrad in climate science without a physics qualification. I am not sure he was too impressed when I pointed him in the direction of The University of Birmingham – that does not require Physics, prefers a Geography degree!

He loves to tweet graphs, accompanied by some patronising comment, about the ignorance of the person who dared to question his “knowledge”

Let’s take this recent offering ..


This graph was used by an Australian Climate denier. He’s a scientist for hire paid a stipend of $1667 a month by the well know oil funded Heartland Institute as part of a programme to pay “high profile individuals who regularly and publicly counter the alarmist (AGW) message”. Carter continued to claim that he received no finding from front organisations, even when confronted with evidence. When asked about why he lied he claimed that being truthful about one’s funding is “a very quaint and old fashioned practice”

The paper that contains this travesty of graph usage was heavily criticised for it’s appalling errors. He uses this graph produced in 1993 and other graphs to show that the Medieval Warming Period was warmer than the late 20th century. Pity then that it ignores data for temperature after 1935!

Bob Ward said about the paper, as a whole, that it was “possibly the most inaccurate and misleading article about climate change that has ever been published by a journal”. A full rebuttal of the paper can be found here

Foxgoose, whose real name we do not know. Likes to cast aspirations on my ability to teach young people without being biased. I might point out that I am unlikely to use a graph that tells a lie to teach young people anything. Other than perhaps to teach them that old adage “always check your sources”. What does the graph actually show you? Is it relevant to the argument?

So Foxy why do you use a graph that missed out the whole of the late 20th century to show temperature change in the late 20th century? Is it because you can not prove your point any other way.

After all the MWP was regional warming and was certainly no warmer than the early part of the 20the century.



Anyone who is interested in how temperatures have been reconstructed and the evidence and scientists involved can take a look at the PAGES 2k network research For those who are not afraid of the skeptical science web site ( kippers run a mile too much actual evidence ) this is a useful summary.

Foxy bless him has threatened to send anyone here who wants to see bad science at work. His problem is that the climate change argument has already been lost. He can of course go on claiming that he has the moral high ground the higher intelligence that 97% of scientists are sheep – but actually since he does not want to do so under his own name I rather think we can afford to completely ignore him.

Now foxy every time you use a graph that uses data to show the medieval warm period was warmer than the late 20th century. Perhaps consider that
it is now 2014 and the 13 of the warmest years on record have occurred in this century.

As for the cyclical nature of climate of course but that is to ignore the simple fact that just because there have been warm periods in the past does not mean we are not causing this one and that it won’t be damaging. It is the climate change deniers ability to Ignore or cherry pick data that is so ridiculous , their self presumed superiority is based on an ability to blank out vast swathes of evidence. For Ukip to base their energy policy on this ability is as ridiculous as the rest of their policy assertions.