Ukip; Has Nigel Farage sat down with Claire Khaw

Last weekend Kerry Smith was outed as an idiot. The reverberations have lasted the week and today Nigel Farage was on LBC defending his use the word Chinky.

But the question that remains unanswered is who was the Chinese lady lunching with Farage?

Anyone who has been hanging around anti fash long enough will have had the dubious honour of coming across Claire Khaw. Could she have been the Chinese lady too racist for the BNP?

This is Claire Khaw



Claire is indeed an ex member of the BNP, she was thrown out in 2011 for suggesting parents should be able to commit infanticide if the baby is disabled. She refers to single mothers as SSMs – slut single mothers, thinks the welfare state should be abolished, is vehemently against same sex marriages. Her solution to single mothers is that they should be scourged 100 times. She happily engages with white supremacists and they with her.

So is Claire the one sitting with Nigel. She certainly supports ukip.

Will she admit it if asked, of course not she has frankly appalling views but she it far from stupid ..


Of course you might want to ask Claire yourself but it seems after she spoke to Women Defy about Ukip her account was suspended.


A PPC for Ukip using racist or homophobic language, well that’s to be expected. But Nigel sitting down to lunch with an infanticide supporting neo nazi who would happily flog unmarried mothers is perhaps a step too far for even some die hard kippers.

So is there anyone from the main stream media who would like to go and ask Kerry who he saw sitting with Nigel Farage. In the meantime consider that Claire fits the description to a tee!


27 thoughts on “Ukip; Has Nigel Farage sat down with Claire Khaw

  1. I was never too racist for the BNP. In fact, I am not racist at all and just want to help white people get their shit together before Western civilisation is flushed down the toilet by SSMs.

    The reason why I was expelled can be found at

    I really don’t see why trying to support free speech, smaller government, and the institution of marriage in a more engaging and eye-catching way should end up in my being accused of racism and antisemitism when all I want to do is help promote the long term national interest.

    I really am trying to help!

      1. If UKIP want a radial, coherent and holistic non-racist political ideology that is neither antisemitic nor Islamophobic that addresses all the nation’s problems, UKIP could do worse than take a few leafs out of my book. Just saying.

      2. Marriage is the institution through which social cohesion and the continuation of your civilisation is secured. Tolerating Slut Single Mothers only encourages more sluttery and bastardy leading to more degeneracy, crime and ever lowering standards of education and behaviour. Don’t you care about the future of the West?

      3. Understandably, UKIP-supporters would prefer to think that voting UKIP is enough to solve the problems of government, but UKIP need to say much more and go much further than what that moral coward Nigel Farage is prepared to do.

        We all know that the pool of political talent in Britain is very small and shallow indeed. If things are bad in the LibLabCon – and we know that they are – it would be much worse in the smaller parties, and that is why I recommend a one-party state so that the pool of national political talent can be directed into just one party and thereby concentrated. The current system is unnecessarily divisive and a lot of time and energy is wasted with political point-scoring when members of the government should be getting on with the business of government and promoting the long term national interest.

  2. Being a bit harsh on the Khaw there, aliberal. While I disagree with almost all of her ideas, she’s actually a very nice woman and far less crazy than she might appear at first glance!

      1. We all know that psychopaths and sociopaths can be very charming. I, however, am neither a psychopath nor a sociopath, since I do have principles which I am always telling people about, the most important of which is speaking the truth as I see it.

    1. A dictatorship is when you have a dictator, and a one-party state is not necessarily a dictatorship. The Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party used to be like a king, but after Mao died it evolved into a fixed term office of 5 years. It really depends on what the constitution says.

  3. You’d be surprised, Liberal. I don’t even think she is mental anymore and despite some views that would make Stalin blush, actually quite well-meaning!


    So you don’t think Slut Single Mummery is a problem then? I am really not the only person who does, as you can see from the Washington Post who are gently hinting that white people will become like black people if their government does not reverse the trend. You are all burying your heads in the sand.

      1. A slut is a woman who has sex with men not her husband and the difference between a slut and an SSM is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal. It is clear that you have no respect for the institution of marriage. Just as you are offended with what I say, I am offended that mothers like you are in the majority in the West, which explains why it is getting poorer, weaker and stupider. I am sorry that you are offended, but there seems to be no other way of making this point other than by calling a spade a spade and a slut a slut.

        Why didn’t you marry the father of your child?

      1. Claire .. Speaking for the best .. Is to say that you truly believe that your ideas are without malice .. I disagree and would not want you anywhere near decision makers.

  5. PS

    I did not say all women are sluts.

    Not all mothers are single mothers and not all single mothers are SSMs.

    SSMs are a group within a group within a group.

    I didn’t want to tar all single mothers with the same brush and that was why I invented the term SSM to distinguish never-married single mothers from Widowed Single Mothers (WSMs) and Divorced Single Mothers (DSMs).

  6. Funny how nobody ever mentions the SSD’s (Yes Claire, that’s SLUT SINGLE DADS) Unless you are totally oblivious to the physical realities of reproduction of course.

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