Step away from social media UKIP

Meet Bill Piper, he is the PPC for Ukip in Loughborough.


He seems a nice chap, a bit overly concerned that we should all use Happy Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. He likes to dig up old scandals and claim they never made the front page of a newspaper.


SO why is he sharing posts from groups that promote the idea of white supremacism.


A cursory glance at Chilton Patriots FB page makes it clear it’s for white patriots only – it’s the kind of group who believe that Christmas has been banned and white people are in danger of extinction.

I am sure that Bill Piper posted a picture from a White Supremacists Patriot FaceBook page in all innocence, which makes him so naive one wonders if he is best placed to represent the multi cultural population of Loughborough.


2 thoughts on “Step away from social media UKIP

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    More proof that despite what Farage claims to the contrary, there are indeed some truly terrifying racists in UKIP. As for the Holy Family, as First Century Jews they would have been olive complexioned Mediterraneans very like the current peoples of the Middle East, and so rather different from paler-skinned northern Europeans.

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