Hey Ukip .. What’s your problem with my life!

Over the past few years I have tried to keep my Twitter accounts @liberallife ( sadly locked due to right wing numpties mass reporting ) and @liberalisland somewhat private. For a while this was successful, until I made the mistake of letting Caroline Santos ( now a Ukip PPC ) know my first name in a DM. She put my first name out on Twitter and Foxgoose and a few others spent some time working out where I worked and lived from past tweets.

At this point if you are a Ukip member supporter or MEP just head to the last few paragraphs because that’s all you are interested in.

I have used my account to debate with different groups on the far right of politics, from the EDL, who threatened me with violence. To the real nasties who think that race mixing is a treasonable offence and by having a duel heritage kid I am committing white genocide.

Note how the above was using a Ukip hashtag! No one but I questioned him, no one from Ukip said Oi! thats not what we believe. I have engaged with some very nasty people on Twitter but they never went out of their way to look for my personal details.

However It is only Ukip members MEPs and PPCs who have gone out of their way to make use of my private life and that of others to be insulting.

This ranges from the fairly innocuous and silly like foxgoose who seems somewhat obsessed with my ability to be grammatically accurate on twitter!

This being one example of a nearly daily comment made by him. One wonders how this improves the profile of Ukip re the understanding of their policies. Foxgoose would be better employed defending his indefensible climate change denial.

The there are those who would report me to my place of work for being political tweets

Caroline Santos was instrumental in ensuring that these details were known amongst a select group of frankly rabid Ukip tweeters.

Then there are those who accuse you of lying about your parents cancer

Both the above “gentleman” and Caroline Santos thought it might be a good idea to take a picture of my family that I put on Twitter, and why shouldn’t I, and doctor it with comments to share on Twitter.

Caroline Santos amongst others questions my ability to be a teacher if I am overtly political in my FREE time.

And as for Carl Davis, being a teacher and a “lefty” obviously means I am a paedophile..


So for future reference Ukip. I am 43 years of age, a principal teacher ( which, by the way, means I managed to convince inspectors, the board of governors, the local authority and an interview panel of senior staff and students .. in three separate schools, that in the classroom I am good at my job and that I deliver results). I am the mother of one kid, aged 11 years, her dads Ghanian and an immigrant – she would be classed as a immigrant by Ukip. I am the partner of a photographer and whisky tour guide ( in that order ). I don’t own my own home anymore – I used to but I sold it so I could move to be with my partner. I have two dogs, who I love, we also have mice but they are not pets!
I live in a rented house that’s full of draughts and character on a Hebridean Island, Islay. There are 3200 people living here and most of them know my politics – it’s not a secret! But I do try to ensure that my students can not easily find my blog or my Twitter account, but some of their parents have and they do read it!
If you search for me on the net “Vanessa Fuery” you’ll find precious little other than the standard stuff and this shocking series of blogs I did for National Geographic 3 years ago. You might find some photos but here’s one for future reference – no you may not copy it and put it on Twitter as Ms Santos tried to. The police were happy to intervene. 

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/2c4/63684949/files/2014/12/img_6213-0.pngA few years old, but it seems most pictures of me have my daughter in and she would prefer not to have a recent picture of her on my blog, I removed the one I put on Twitter at her request.

If you what to question my politics then go right ahead, you could always read this. If you want to call me a paedophile, question my professionalism or insult my ability to be a mother then my suggestion is go and find some kids to argue with because that is your level.


9 thoughts on “Hey Ukip .. What’s your problem with my life!

  1. Almost every ukip supporter I have come across have been uniformly small minded insignificant bigots. I am so sorry that they have targeted you as that seems the only way they are able to try an silence critics, by threats and snide remarks and pathetic actions as they just do not have the intellectual capacity to actually argue their own beliefs, and if they did, they would realise how stupid they were.

  2. The fact that they are targeting you personally is a good indication that your criticisms are getting to them.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I am so sorry you are being targeted by these utter creeps, quite what your politics have to do with your ability to teach is beyond me. By far the best teachers at my high school were politically active, some of them even raised money in our local town for the striking miners. Maybe having more politically active teachers would stop young people being so apathetic about politics!

  4. Reblogged this on iantimings and commented:
    Some people are vile online, some of them are criminals. Some of their criminal behaviour is still going on right now! 23:42 pm 26.12.14

  5. Fantastic piece. I’m half Polish and half Jamaican and probably that in itself is too much for the Kippers! But I love your upfront approach with these unpleasant saloon bar nazis. The left has been on the backfoot with UKIP for too long, and the casual racism which has infested all the major parties as UKIPs electoral success has grown is frankly depressing.

    1. Anna, thank you for your comment. I agree that the left have allowed the politics of hate to steal it’s way into setting the level of debate. It is important that those of us who think differently must engage with politics in the next few months, expose the lies and not settle for the rights narrative on a whole range of issues.

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