It’s racist ukip

99. Promoting patriotism and the importance of British values in our schools

Which I must assume goes with this statement from policies for the people, “Ukip recognises and values an overarching, unifying British culture, which is open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.” – a complete rejection of multiculturalism.

I suspect ukip have never heard of Etienne Balibar, in the 1980’s he wrote an essay on the subject of “neo racism” – the idea of “racism without races”. Where new categories, for instance immigration, replace the tradition of races.

Balibar describes this racism as having not the idea of colour at its centre “but the insurmountability of cultural differences, a racism which, at first sight, does not postulate the superiority of certain groups or peoples in relation to others but ‘only’ the harmfulness of abolishing frontiers, the incompatibility of lifestyles and traditions”.

While Balibar was writing this others were reaching the same conclusions, in 1987 Kwame Ture said

“Where the old racism was overt, frankly announcing its hatred and opposition to peoples of colour, the new racism smiles and insists it is our friend. Where the old racism ruled through physical violence, racism in its new form asserts its dominance through sheer mendacity. Racism has become covert in its expression, hiding behind a mask of calm and reason. The key to understanding racism today is that it inevitably parades itself about, cloaked in the garb of anti-racism. It is therefore far more dangerous, powerful and difficult to combat than before.”

The fact is that the complete rejection of multiculturalism by Ukip, its policy of imposing cultural stereotypes on communities, such as the Polish or Romanians. This is the perfect example of Differential ( neo ) racism as described in the original paper.

There are those in Ukip who will argue that this is all some lefty nonsense, however there is a consensus that ‘Differential racism’ does exist. If they doubt Balibar as a philosopher and writer I suggest they read his essays on Europe on the Open Democracy website.

Ukip you claim not to have racist policies but that’s two in two days.


Hey UKIP why do you want to reinstate a policy described as Sordid and Cruel? 

74. Reinstating the primary purpose rule, bringing an end to sham marriage migration

The primary purpose rule was abolished in 1997. It forced people to prove a negative, that their primary reason for coming to the UK was to join their wives or husbands and not to obtain British residency. It is acknowledged thats it purpose was a sop to changing political pressures.

Even when it existed it was described in some legal texts as a “sordid episode in immigration history” ( Bevan 1986 ) or as “this cruel rule ( Sachdev 1993 ) 

The history of the rule was one of trying to prevent,  specifically, those UK citizens not born in the UK from bringing to this county their spouses. It was designed by Thatchers Government to lower migration numbers from the Commonwealth, in particular Asia. Between 1980 and 1983 it prevented almost all spouses from the commonwealth from joining their partners. In 1983 they had to change the rules due to an imminent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. This brought to the fore the idea of Primary Purpose ( none of which UKIP MSP and PPC David Coburn knew )

 With entry clearance officers having complete discretion over whether enough proof had been provided it led to many legitimate couples being prevented from living together in the UK. In 1996 over 1000 couples were barred from being together on the basis of the rule. Traditional arranged marriages, where the woman was from the UK and the husband from India or Pakistan, were often refused primary purpose on the basis that it was traditional for the woman to go to the mans home and not the other way around. It took an appeal in 1997 for a judge to admit that this was a tradition that had broken down and refusing entry on that basis was failing to apply equality to men and women. 

They would refuse entry if the marriage was between second cousins not first – saying a break in tradition clearly meant the primary purpose was not marriage. They would prevent couples joining one another on the basis that one of them was not attractive enough for the other to want to marry them ( one case involved a speech impediment! ). 

The vast majority of cases involved Asian couples and it was clearly aimed at them.

In 1999 I wanted my long term partner of 6 years to come to the UK to live with me. We had met in Israel, but as he was a Ghanian citizen we had to go to Ghana in order to make an application. Even though the Primary Purpose Rule was no longer in force the amount of documentation I had to produce was considerable, including affidavits from those who knew us and were happy to state the length of “our” relationship.

Yet again Ukip are taking a step sordid step backwards whilst ignoring that the tories have already issued new guidelines on “sham marriages and civil partnerships”

It was a racist policy when is in force the first time around and roundly condemned by all, but then again Ukip attract,embers who think the this “The genocide of the Peoples of Europe” is a reality it’s a sop to those “bigots” and “racists” in Ukip who believe this:


100 reasons to vote ( laugh ) at Ukip

Number 96. Placing revenues from shale gas into a Sovereign Wealth Fund to ensure future growth and security

This is not a unique Ukip proposal. In fact it’s has already been debated in the House of Lords.

The irony of ukip, whose supporters are obsessed with the rights of ownership, happy to allow fracking under their homes.


There is no mention of the community “bribe” that the tories have offered the North to be polluted – this is worth £100,000 for communities prepared to host a well plus 1% of the revenue.

Most of the UK Shale Gas is the north of England and the issue of population density is significant, with the Bowland shale being found under some of the most heavily populated areas of the UK, as well as environmentally sensitive areas such as the Pennines.

The government has had to accept this week changes that would ban fracking in national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and in areas where drinking water is collected, ruling out significant regions of the UK’s shale gas deposits. Ukip, who are obsessed by not building on Green Belts, would be somewhat hypercritical to suggest fracking under genuine areas of natural beauty.

We do not have any where near the number of rigs required and our geology is far more complicated than that in the United States.

Current estimates on when the UK may have a shale gas industry look to it being at least the early 2020s. There are only 9 wells planned for 2015!.

Meanwhile those in the know like Professor Jim Watson, research director at the UK Energy Research Centre and author of a recent report on the potential for shale gas in the UK, have said that statements by politicians on shale gas’s potential have been speculative.

And for those who think fracking will provide cheap energy or that there will be massive profits for the government to invest in a sovereign wealth fund through the selling off of licenses, its all far from guaranteed.

If you are a kipper and you think that Farage is an expert on energy therefore believing number 96 is a reason to vote Ukip, read this report – The UK’s Global Gas Challenge .

Ukip’s policy will rely on foreign energy companies using unproven technologies when applied to the UK, whilst they ask us to invest vast quantities of our own money in the infrastructure required to get these companies involved. Meanwhile green energies being developed by British companies will lack government investment, despite there inevitable importance.

One reason a day to laugh at Ukip

Today Ukip have released 100 reasons to vote Ukip. That’s one a day to comment on.

Number 86. Ban live animal exports for slaughter

Ukip have a poor record on animal rights

There is Tally Ho Ukip


There is Ivory Elephant Ukip


Even Tim Stanley was disgusted by that vote.

And then there is badger culling, support for factory farm pollution of waterways and ignoring the biggest game changer for ecosystems worldwide .. Climate Change.

BUT says the kipper ” Ukip will ban live exports for slaughter from Dover to the EU ”

I assume that means they fully agree with The Greens who have been campaigning on this issue for years. It’s a pity that they have not backed them in the EU. There is a campaign for an eight hour limit on transport scrims Europe and this one everyone can stand behind.

So is number 86 a reason to vote for Ukip.

NO .. Because Ukip deny the most important threat to ecosystems exists climate change.

NO .. Because Ukip vote against measure to protect animals worldwide.

NO .. Because it’s ill-thought through. We export live calves and lambs from Islay. There is a 2 hour ferry journey ( a longer journey than Dover to Calais! ), In common with many of the islands we have no slaughter house but a thriving farming community. We can support the eight hour limit, a total ban will hit farmers on isolated islands and their fragile economies.

Who is exposing Women Against Ukip?

I have been asked to write this blog on behalf of the women at WAU. For several months now a Face Book account Exposing Anti Ukip Groups for the Liars and Nutters they are ( hereby known as nutter for short ) has been stalking the Women Defy Ukip Face Book page.
He frequently screenshots comments and posts and put his own unique, nutter, spin on them.
This blog is aimed at the 17000 who like and engage with the women defy ukip Face Book page. We know that the admin at “Nutters” are actively looking at the comments that people make on the page and looking at your FB profiles to see if they can use this to smear you.
The two names we believe to be associated with the page, Gary Schofield and Ian Upton are not attractive personalities. Both have a long history of far right activity on behalf of Ukip and the EDL. The admin at WAU has attempted to engage with the “Nutters” page

2015/01/img_6865.png who are happy to deny who they are, unfortunately someone disagrees. There is now this ..

… someone wants the truth out.
The anti islamic nature of the account certainly suggests Ian Upton could be involved. Although, to be entirely fair, recent posts on Twitter suggest Ukip has a strong streak of irrational hatred of all muslims running through it.

The admin at WAU have reported the page for revealing people’s identities and we will continue to keep an eye on it.