In praise of UKIP .. BUT and it’s a BIG BUT

One should always be fair and give credit where credit is due.

Ukip, as a party, attracts a great many people who don’t quite fit in elsewhere. The research by Goodwin and Ford has identified a core group of voters who are, as Mathew Goodwin says in the Yorkshire Post today

” older, white, financially struggling working-class men who feel intensely anxious about immigration, EU integration and the state of politics in Westminster.”

You could add to that a deep and abiding belief amongst some that paedophilia is a left wing problem.

One of the most strident of the lefties equal paedophiles ukip campaigners is Carl Davis, a massive a Wigan Athletic fan, a ukip member and a Paedophile obsessive.

To be clear there is no excuse for the sexual abuse of children, for any type of violence towards children or for the neglect of children.

The Tweet

As anyone can appreciate for a teacher to be accused on a public platform is a serious issue. I, perhaps foolishly, ignored it until he started to make further accusations towards another Twitter user. I will not repeat those here as it only gives them further traffic.

I would also note that a PPC for Ukip was also mentioned in the original tweet, but she has so many tweets she did not read it and thinks it best to ignore “unsavoury ” tweets, so did nothing.

Carl followed this up with further abuse over the Christmas holidays. This, in combination with the attack on another Twitter user, caused me to reach the point that approaching his Branch chairwoman seemed the best option.

The Branch wrote to Carl and rang him to inform him that he was under investigation add should cease to imply that he represents the views of Ukip.

As you can see from the original screen grab of the tweet and one done today, Carl has removed the Ukip purple pound from his Avi and the picture of Farage.

He of course denies he was asked to do so, when cheekily asked by a none the wiser @womendefyukip, he has yet to apologise and as of 20.39 on the 4th January 2015 not removed the offending tweet.

Twitter can be a rough and tumble place, insults are thrown around and accusations made. However at no point is is ever acceptable to accuse someone of criminal activities of the magnitude that Carl was suggesting. All of you who know the case of Joshua Bonehill will know that the consequences can be serious both for the accuser and the accused.

Perhaps Carl will remove the offending tweet, if he does not I have been advised strongly by my Union and by friends and colleagues to take the matter to the Police.

As a postscript as I signed off on Twitter last night a copycat account tweeted me.

Turns out there are two accounts and the only retweets on them are all from .. Carl Davis ( @fight4uk ). You can draw your own conclusions.



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