Caroline Santos, a ukip PPC who likes to make threats

This is a story of bullying and threats involving an online blogger with a tiny online presence and a prominent figure in Ukip politics in Scotland, Caroline Santos, the candidate for Argyll and Bute and very vocal tweeter.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog in response to a tweet which accuses me of being a Paedophile, in praise the excellent work of the Wigan Branch in dealing with the ukip member concerned. Caroline sent me a message explaining  that she did not want to be connected with any tweets mentioning paedophilia. To be fair I did not want to be called a Paedophile, but hey ho. 

 This was Caroline’s initial message. 

   ” ****** why have you wrote a public blog including my name re a tweet that was apologised for and removed by another Twitter user? ImplyingI retweeted and liked it.
I’ve now no alternative but to seek legal advice-unless you remove my name-you have wrote public blogs implying I’m not fit to be a PPC or UKIP chair
by the mere suggestion I’m involved in other Twitter users alleged abuse. I did NOT like or retweet the peado comment from other user. For you to mischievously write I retweet and like is simply not true.
I’m mindful and would not like/retweet what could be actionable. I’m now considering taking active measures re your conduct.
I will like and retweet what I want-but be assured I do not get involved with the moronic vile tweets-I do not retweet peodo or race hate
As well you know ! I feel you have intimidated me and tried to associate me with what is nothing to do with me-I’m not responsible for other and advised you the way forward-he is not in my branch and you had been given advice-so why mention and affiliate me with peado tweets?
I’m assuming you’re in work and can’t reply-so I will wait until 5sh until then I’m awaiting a call from my solicitor as I’ve concerns over You linking me in with all this based on me retweeting another Twitter user who decided to tweet the peado comment! Which I never did see

I assuming as a school teacher you would not like this to go public but you attacking me because I’m a UKIP member etc is unreasonable

I’m of the belief you have no right to involve me in another users tweet I did not like or retweet.

What is it you are wanting to achieve by writing blogs about me? Do you think it is reasonable behaviour given you don’t know me? And you are a teacher in the constituency I’m hoping to stand-this is malicious and not what I expect from a teacher.

( you talked about your private life here and so I have removed it )

It’s how I feel and I’ve no alternative now.” 

To be very clear, I did not suggest that Caroline had retweeted the offending tweet in the blog – a screen shot that she took of the blog is shown below with the part she refered to highlighted showing this to be the case.


The problem with Carolines protestations of innocence is that she was warned that the @fight4uk account was one that would cause trouble for Ukip ( bear in mind that until recently he was an anon account and we could not complain to anyone as we did not know who he was ). This is from a conversation that she had with another Twitter user, back in July.


Despite the fact that we had warned her about the account, she told him I was a teacher, a fact he was not aware of that up until that point. Caroline encouraged him and the result was inevitable.

This is not the first time you have used my profession to make a point .. Nor encouraged others to do the same ..


To be fair when her continual pushing, encouraged one of her acolytes to threaten to contact my employer she rapidly backtracked. However that did not stop one of them from claiming that he had in fact contacted my employer.


She repeatedly threatened me:


She threatened me with screenshots of a conversation where Mr Monckton swore at her , what she forgot is that, apart from that fact that I did not reply or involve myself in the conversation, his anger was because of this;


A conversation where Carl Davis, @fight4uk made accusation of paedophilia based on false accusations by Joshua Bonehill, who faced prison time for fake accusations on social media. She deleted her involvement in this conversation and claimed innocence about the initials PIE and the meaning of the tweet.

People can draw their own conclusions as to why Caroline were so panicked by the blog, and why she misread and misunderstood what I had said.

 People can also draw their own conclusions as to Carolines use of her knowledge about my employment and place of work. Ms Santos aspires to be, a public figure – so public scrutiny is something she must expect. I am not a public figure, nor do I seek to become one – in fact I attempted to remain fairly private. As a member of the public I am entitled to scrutinise those who represent me and, barring defamation or malice, to publicise the results of my scrutiny of her, and/or my views of her.

 What Caroline  engaged in, is a campaign of harassment against me, with the aim of intimidating me into silence, including by threatening me via my employer. This is an offence. Caroline, or anyone, may of course, respond to my blog – of course she has the right to reply and I would not prevent her from replying or placing a comment on my blog. I am always happy to reconsider the content of a blog should someone feel unhappy about it; and did indeed change the blog at Carolines request. Despite the fact that she had read it incorrectly. 

Perhaps Ms Santos should consider that:

  • Threatening to write to my employer and state that you have concerns over my ability to teach children 
  • Threatening to mention  my name and job in interviews with the press during the GE2015 campaign
  • Asking me to change my blog because you think that you assume  “as a school teacher you would not like this to go public”

Paints a picture of a bully not fit for public office. 



6 thoughts on “Caroline Santos, a ukip PPC who likes to make threats

  1. I seriously can’t understand what you’re supposed to have done that she thinks she can sue you for? Surely, it’s her who should be bricking herself that she is shown to be clearly outing your profession to others and threatening you – even questioning your professionalism. If this person thinks she is fit to be a Member of Parliament then she is very much mistaken – having worked for one for many years, you keep your gob shut when it comes to putting anything up in the public arena, you never ever attack anyone or gossip and as you will be responsible for representing everyone in your constituency, at the very best, what she has done is unprofessional, at worst, libellous. Let her do her worst, she only has herself to hurt with it.

  2. Also as an aside, her own grasp of grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired in someone who will be having to deal with government departments and write official letters and reports to constituents and others. I’d back your assessment that this woman is not fit for any sort of public office.

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