Who is exposing Women Against Ukip?

I have been asked to write this blog on behalf of the women at WAU. For several months now a Face Book account Exposing Anti Ukip Groups for the Liars and Nutters they are ( hereby known as nutter for short ) has been stalking the Women Defy Ukip Face Book page.
He frequently screenshots comments and posts and put his own unique, nutter, spin on them.
This blog is aimed at the 17000 who like and engage with the women defy ukip Face Book page. We know that the admin at “Nutters” are actively looking at the comments that people make on the page and looking at your FB profiles to see if they can use this to smear you.
The two names we believe to be associated with the page, Gary Schofield and Ian Upton are not attractive personalities. Both have a long history of far right activity on behalf of Ukip and the EDL. The admin at WAU has attempted to engage with the “Nutters” page

2015/01/img_6865.png who are happy to deny who they are, unfortunately someone disagrees. There is now this ..

… someone wants the truth out.
The anti islamic nature of the account certainly suggests Ian Upton could be involved. Although, to be entirely fair, recent posts on Twitter suggest Ukip has a strong streak of irrational hatred of all muslims running through it.

The admin at WAU have reported the page for revealing people’s identities and we will continue to keep an eye on it.


10 thoughts on “Who is exposing Women Against Ukip?

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mike over at Vox Political has also blogged about this post. He makes the excellent recommendation that anyone suffering bullying, whether cyber or otherwise, from the Nutters should report them to the police and relevant authorities. It’s obviously excellent advice, that should go for all cases of cyberbullying.

    And the Nutters should be very careful to avoid this, as not only has cyberbullying been very much in the news, it was also the subject of a TV drama on Friday, I believe. The story was fictional, but was based on several true cases. Nutters, and other web bottom-dwellers, take heed.

  2. The page isn’t showing on Bacefook searches, but there is one that includes the word ‘idiots’ rather than ‘nutters’. Identities aren’t disclosed, so the page isn’t cyberbullying anyone. What it appears to do is what the page title suggests. It seems to address the content of posts rather than the person making the post. I would strongly advise anyone taking legal action against the page because proof of claims is posted alongside, and if people believe that their comments make them look stupid or supportive of certain unpleasant acts, then that’s their own fault. They shouldn’t post them in the first place.. Legal action might lead to a counter-suit that they would find difficult to defend. As for who runs the page, it is clear that no-one knows. The alleged evidence relating to a Gary Schofield is worthless until it is established who runs that profile. I was made aware of just how ‘popular’ my name is on various EDL pages, where I saw various sad people pretending to be me, even to the point of stealing my images. The comment referring to ‘irrational hatred of all muslims’ ignores the fact that a hatred of them is entirely rational when viewed alongside what they are up to across the world. My dislike of the taste of mayonnaise is entirely rational; my taste buds respond in a negative way to it. A hatred of mayonnaise or a desire to ban its production would be irrational. See the difference? No, you probably won’t.

  3. Gary’s such a coward. He once called me a paedophile on his page, but removed the post when I linked it to his local police FB page, stating who the admin was. He has no balls

    1. We only have your word to go on, Jovan. On what grounds did he make that accusation? It’s not a question of cowardice if the post was removed at your request, which is what the threat about the police entailed.

  4. REmove my name from your website, I have nothing to do with any of the websites you mention, I cannot help if someone is using my name, I have my suspicions but they will stay like that at the moment.

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