One reason a day to laugh at Ukip

Today Ukip have released 100 reasons to vote Ukip. That’s one a day to comment on.

Number 86. Ban live animal exports for slaughter

Ukip have a poor record on animal rights

There is Tally Ho Ukip


There is Ivory Elephant Ukip


Even Tim Stanley was disgusted by that vote.

And then there is badger culling, support for factory farm pollution of waterways and ignoring the biggest game changer for ecosystems worldwide .. Climate Change.

BUT says the kipper ” Ukip will ban live exports for slaughter from Dover to the EU ”

I assume that means they fully agree with The Greens who have been campaigning on this issue for years. It’s a pity that they have not backed them in the EU. There is a campaign for an eight hour limit on transport scrims Europe and this one everyone can stand behind.

So is number 86 a reason to vote for Ukip.

NO .. Because Ukip deny the most important threat to ecosystems exists climate change.

NO .. Because Ukip vote against measure to protect animals worldwide.

NO .. Because it’s ill-thought through. We export live calves and lambs from Islay. There is a 2 hour ferry journey ( a longer journey than Dover to Calais! ), In common with many of the islands we have no slaughter house but a thriving farming community. We can support the eight hour limit, a total ban will hit farmers on isolated islands and their fragile economies.


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