It’s racist ukip

99. Promoting patriotism and the importance of British values in our schools

Which I must assume goes with this statement from policies for the people, “Ukip recognises and values an overarching, unifying British culture, which is open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.” – a complete rejection of multiculturalism.

I suspect ukip have never heard of Etienne Balibar, in the 1980’s he wrote an essay on the subject of “neo racism” – the idea of “racism without races”. Where new categories, for instance immigration, replace the tradition of races.

Balibar describes this racism as having not the idea of colour at its centre “but the insurmountability of cultural differences, a racism which, at first sight, does not postulate the superiority of certain groups or peoples in relation to others but ‘only’ the harmfulness of abolishing frontiers, the incompatibility of lifestyles and traditions”.

While Balibar was writing this others were reaching the same conclusions, in 1987 Kwame Ture said

“Where the old racism was overt, frankly announcing its hatred and opposition to peoples of colour, the new racism smiles and insists it is our friend. Where the old racism ruled through physical violence, racism in its new form asserts its dominance through sheer mendacity. Racism has become covert in its expression, hiding behind a mask of calm and reason. The key to understanding racism today is that it inevitably parades itself about, cloaked in the garb of anti-racism. It is therefore far more dangerous, powerful and difficult to combat than before.”

The fact is that the complete rejection of multiculturalism by Ukip, its policy of imposing cultural stereotypes on communities, such as the Polish or Romanians. This is the perfect example of Differential ( neo ) racism as described in the original paper.

There are those in Ukip who will argue that this is all some lefty nonsense, however there is a consensus that ‘Differential racism’ does exist. If they doubt Balibar as a philosopher and writer I suggest they read his essays on Europe on the Open Democracy website.

Ukip you claim not to have racist policies but that’s two in two days.


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