Hey Ukip why do you hate teachers?

Two stories this week are an education for teachers on how Ukip will use them as a scapegoat when they are facing the firing squad in the press.

The first story was a slide sent to staff to provoke discussion during tutor periods. I presume that it did – judging by the fact that a pupil saw it, photographed it and took it home to show their parents. It might not have been my style – I would have preferred to see students offering their own opinions as to which political parties are seen as racist and why.

But let us not forget that the Bristol UKIP councillor Michael Frost, who described it as “totally outrageous” to the BBC tweeted the following



The first of these being a retweet of a virulently anti muslim organisation run by a liar of epic proportions – it would seem Michael Frost has a problem with all Muslims not just those who use religion as an excuse for terrorism.

And his attitude toward those protesting against Israeli actions in Gaza last year was to demand that ..

Professional bouncers should be employed by the council
The public should have to pass through metal detectors to protect councillors
Visitors must apply in advance to sit in the public gallery and watch council meetings
Visitors should be subjected to security screening

The reaction on Twitter to this slide was a demand for the teacher, head teacher, deputy head to be sacked. It would be amusing if it was not for threatening attitude of some of the tweets.


The second offence against Ukip was an assembly designed to remind students that ordinary people can think extraordinarily dangerous things if they are told enough times that it is true.


I believe that the evidence is clear; casual racism and the neo racism of venerating our culture above all others is rife within Ukip. Just look at the reaction to this story, the Headteacher has a non “English” name


Whether the assembly fell foul of the Education Act of 1996 is debatable. This from the citizenship foundation produced to answer questions around the wars in Iraq, is useful in helping teachers to work out if they are the right or the wrong side of the line. I think that in the context of the assembly the head teacher was right to use examples from politics, but I also think he should have used other examples ( Blunkett on Roma comes to mind ). Does that excuse the vile comments of kippers, absolutely not.

Ukip don’t like teachers, very few teachers like ukip. As a teacher on Twitter who has political views I frequently have to put up with accusations of bias, comments that I am not fit to teach because I have strong opinions, threats to go to my local authority and complain. The constant insinuation that I can not possible by professional enough not to indoctrinate young people.


If all of this is not enough, we should not forget that Ukip senior members believe in the bizarre ideas of Brian Gerrish and his paranoia around Common Purpose. His web site is a great place to visit if you need a paranoid theory of the week. So who in Ukip believes teaching has been infiltrated by common purpose:


Retweeted by all the usual suspects:


And commented upon by the intellectual heavy weight that is it David Coburn MEP:


Let’s be honest Ukip teachers are never going to to vote for you, so you will continue to use them as a something to remove the focus from your divisive social policies, your bonkers economic policies and your unscientific approach to climate change and energy. We are tough we will survive.


6 thoughts on “Hey Ukip why do you hate teachers?

  1. No mention of the fact that these slides were posted in discussions about the holocaust and I’m sure Liberal Life wouldn’t find that unacceptable in the days following Holocaust remembrance?

  2. I totally agree with you. However, I have a personal plea. Please proof read your work. There are a number of punctuation mistakes that take away from the credibility of the argument, providing further fodder for UKIP supporters who will place a strong emphasis on the three R’s. We are paid professionals who are expected to have a good standard of English. Don’t help “them” to attack us further.

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