The art of being a Kipper in Scotland

Saturday was the launch of the Ukip Scottish campaign. It started with Nigel announcing he was not going to bother turning up but speak via a skype link and has ended with the mother of one candidate banning a Journalist, who poked mild fun at her daughter, from future Ukip events.

The Glasgow event was Ukip Scotland’s chance to day “Look at us .. We are standing in every seat” pity then that barely 50 people turned up:

This included the candidate and the press.

The night before Caroline Santos was trying to round up their supporters

However, judging by his tweets, I am not sure that “Rob” is a great addition to the Ukip camp.

With the Nigel Skype event failing to occur, and the audience left to watch David Coburn having his photo taken – it’s no surprise that a Buzz Feed jurno Aidan Kerr took a vine. He also attempted to interview the younger Miss Santos, apparently she was lacking in words. She will need to get some if she is to stand against Alex Salmond and not come across as a very naive young lady thrust into the lime light by her over ambitious mother.

If the older Ms Santos want her daughter to be seen as a serious candidate she might want to let her fight her own battles, Not being seen to ban a student journalist from future events because she does not like his interpretation of events would be a good start.


Updates – of which there are sure to be many

The STV journalist has now reminded Caroline Santos that that’s what the media do – film things


I am sure the ukip campaign in Scotland will continue to provide us with many comedy moments, hopefully it will also leave Ukip several thousand pounds poorer as they lose their deposits.


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