Holding your nose to vote Ukip

What did we learn from the BBC documentary?
That Ukip will deal with racism, if it’s in your face and public. It was clear from the film, however, that if you don’t say it to the press you can expect to get away with it.


That Ukip is perfectly happy to get rid of you, for being a racist, if you are unimportant and “ordinary”.


Ukip have hit the dizzying heights of 11% in the latest Ashcroft poll and YouGov have polling that shows the electorate no longer see them as a long term political force.
At a Chatham House debate in March 2014 Nigel Farage said he was “proud” of attracting 1/3 of all BNP voters. He claimed that they were the voters who had been “holding their nose” over the BNPs racist agenda.

It would seem, Mr Farage, that there are parts of the electorate that are unwilling to hold their nose and vote for you and your party.



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