Ukip rejected by Nurses and Farmers

Two events today should make Ukip think, but they probably won’t. 


The first is small scale, but indicative. The Nursing Times ran a Twitter chat #NTtwitchat on ukip plans for the nursing profession. 

Ukip plans for the Nursing Profession  state a desire to restore traditional nursing, especially the non-university-trained State Enrolled Nurses or a modern equivalent. 

The response from Nurses and trainee nurses should make it very clear to Ukip that their plans are not welcomed. 

Ukip need to stop looking to the past 

An A and E nurse does not want Ukip any where near the NHS

Ukip have no idea how compassionate nurses are.

The above tweets illustrate two of the biggest frustrations. One, that Ukip are proposing a policy based on a false assumptions that nurses studying for a degree do not spend time on the wards. Two, Ukip are ignoring extensive and important studies, that showed survival rates in hospitals  with a higher proportion of nurses with degrees are significantly higher


The National Farmers Union is currently meeting in conference. Today was the big political debate with John Humphrys and a panel of politicos including the ukip agricultural spokesman Stuart Agnew. A farmer himself you would expect him to be able to win the farmers over. Ukip frequently use farmers as an example of a group of people they expect to support them. The CAP is one of the most contentious of all EU policies, even I am happy to agree that it needs massive reform. The EU policies on pesticides are generally slated by farmers as over protective and unnecessary. So surely farmers would vote with their feet and chose to leave the EU. 

You might think that would be the case, but when asked the question today barely a hand went up in support of leaving the EU.

Yet again Ukip has been rejected, yet another example of people being unwilling to hold their noses to vote for Ukip. 


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