The mob mentality of a kipper 

Many of the men who tweet for ukip have never really liked the Women Defy Ukip Twitter accounts. The two accounts are very different one is annoyingly polite and one can swear like a trooper. I happen to know who run the accounts and they are not rabid politicos but a group of women who met on Twitter and saw a need to look at ukip policies through the eyes of women – a group Ukip constantly malign. The first Ukip male to object strongly was David Coburn who attempted to close the account down – you can read about it here, not much has changed since then. 

This short post is about how hate can cause you to be very stupid. The demonstration on Sunday and the rights and wrongs surrounding it have been written about and discussed. This is what happens when the mob mentality of Ukip supporters gets out of control. 

Yesterday Womendefyukip tweeted a link to a link to an article in the independent ..  


This was not a declaration that she organised the event it was exactly what happened when you linked to the article using the tweet button.


However the hate and stupidity in Ukip has no limits. A tweeter called Greekboy334433 decided she was responsible for organising the event and posted this 


Not once, not twice but as of 18.00 hours today about 36hrs after the original tweet 79 times. Was he told he was wrong, numerous times, did others make the same mistake and apologise, yes they did. But Greek Boy did not he continued the abuse: 



The tweet by Andrew ( Greek Boy ) led to the involvement of Lawrence Brewer, Ukip member and, as ever, keen to demonstrate just how little he understands of anything 


I would like to note here that Teddy apologised later when he realised that A mistake had been made. But not Lawrence, he has not realised his mistake, largely because he refuses to listen to anyone who is not a kipper. 

So Lawrence has continued to claim to know who Women Defy is and threaten to out her ( he has a nasty habit of this he claims he complained to my employer that I was politically active in my free time ). This evening his response to the threats against WDU is this ..


There are probably another 100 odd abusive tweets from other Ukip members and supporters. All of them jumping on a false bandwagon and threatening WomenDefyukip for something she did not do. It goes to the mob mentality of the kipper .. A hive mind and an inability to separate reality from fiction. Particularly deplorable are  all the comments that suggest that the account owner is somehow a poor mother because she is politically active – illustrating the misogynistic nature of ukip. 


6 thoughts on “The mob mentality of a kipper 

    1. Whereas you, Bonehill, are scarely literate at all and fully one-quarter of the way to being a wit. Grow up and at least TRY to act your age. My pre-teen is more mature and certainly more civilised.

  1. Joshua isn’t bothered by how much he is hated, he’s a psychopathic narcissist with a grandiose delusional disorder. As with all narcissists, his weakness is that he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, which they rarely are, as their narcissism means they are unable to learn and grow as individuals, they just repeat the same things over and over, and are stuck emotionally around their early teens which is when the narcissism tends to kick in. They spend their lives trying to avoid the existential void at the center of their being as their sense of self is dependent on a very tenuous self created persona which the project into the world and without which they are unable to function. Lacking empathy they are unable to form fulfilling relationships, as their main and only motivation within any relationship is control. They are often emotionally and physically abusive. Joshua isn’t a person, he’s just a walking personality disorder.

  2. Everyone says they’re sorry on Twitter and its all OK now? What an infantile rationale, I think you’ve explained the attraction of UKIP par example.

    Saying is not doing love.

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