Farage and the HIV lie

Nigel uses HIV to illustrate the cost of Health Tourism, his figures were 7000 new diagnosis of HIV each year 60% of whom are not British Citizens.

Let’s break down the figures on where people were infected for Nigel, using the HIV 2014 report. All figures are new cases for 2013.  The report looks at two measures, where people became infected and where they were born.


First Nigel got the number of new cases wrong.

Second Nigel got the percentage infected overseas very very wrong, in fact he doubled it  – this is important as Ukip use this figure to suggest AIDS infected migrants come here deliberately looking for treatment. 

Third he neglected to mention the actual cost of treating all these HIV health tourists is considerably less than 1p per UK citizen per year. 

Of course he could have been confused by this: 

The proportion of new HIV diagnoses reported among people born in Africa halved from 54% in 2004 to 25 % in 2013. This has resulted in an increase in the proportion of new diagnoses reported among people born in the UK from 32% to 46%. From the Public Health Report on HIV in the UK 2014  

But many of these will be young adults born overseas, who came to UK with their parents and are now UK citizens – 48% of whom became infected in the UK. 

We could give Nigel the benefit of the doubt, and assume he did not choose this example because it is used by the far right BNP to demonise Black African men, but let’s not .. It was another dog whistle for the racists.


 Nigel Farage and UKIP can see the writing on the wall. The party is losing those on the periphery back to the tories, leaving a core of 10% who will vote for him whatever he says. The disgraceful demonisation of our fellow human beings by Nigel Farage was rightly challenged by Leanne Wood and received one of the only claps of appreciation from a lacklustre audience. Nigel lies on a regular basis, his party is based on a lie and thankfully, looking at the polls, they are going to be very disappointed come 7th May. 

A good friend has pointed out that The Guardian has been myth busting as well today. 


22 thoughts on “Farage and the HIV lie

  1. AIDS in Africa has most certainly not halved. In South Africa the figure is 25% of the population. It is the most unreported disease. As for figures, who cares what they are. Rightly, this is a national health service, not international, the elderly are being scapegoated and they’re the ones who have paid most into the system.

  2. Where do these figures illustrate how many British CITIZENS were diagnosed vs non-British CITIZENS? I don’t think the location of the initial infection can be used in this sense. I’m sure plenty of British citizens have been infected outside of the UK whilst plenty of non-British citizens have been infected in the UK.

    According to the same report, Around 60% of heterosexual people living with HIV in the UK are Black-Africans as the report puts it and there were roughly 6,300 new diagnoses. I suspect Farage is using older figures (from roughly 2003-5 or so).

  3. Farage seems to have forgotten that the very early cases of HIV back in the early 1980s were actually caused by dangerous and unlawful British government policy to import dirty blood from US prisons such as Arkansas State Penitentiary for use on the NHS. Then to DELIBERATELY inject into children as they were “cheaper than chimpanzees”, withhold positive test results for years and study them for progression of disease until death. Cameron has finally apologized to families about 2 weeks ago, they are still suffering and dying. If Farage had any decency about him he would be campaigning for justice and proper compensation for the victims of the “worst medical; treatment disaster in the history of the NHS”… or is he so ignorant he is unaware of this? http://londonprogressivejournal.com/article/view/2158/penrose-inquiry-bad-blood-biological-terrorism-and-coverup-under-a-failed-western-democracy

  4. An important additional piece of information here is how many africans get tested in the UK before getting treatment. Most africans who have come to the UK in recent years and who are HIV positive didnt know their HIV status when they come here. They came for other reasons- political exile, wars political conflicts in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Sudan- places that already have extensive HIV epidemics. Study after study has shown that immigration issues are much more important to this population than HIV. It is incredibly important to get them tested and treated to a) maintain their health- this is money saving as they will end up getting very expensive hospital treatment if they fall ill and die in the Uk (the death rate among africans with HIV in the Uk is much higher than the rest of the UK population) and b) to stop them infecting others with either diseases such as TB or with HIV itself as we now know that those on HIV treatment are much less infectious than people who arent. Thankfully HIV treatment is much more available in most Sub Saharan african countries around the world where the epidemic has hit hardest and death rates are goings down, in part because fo the commitment of UK and other countries to support the distribution fo treatment.

  5. I have a doctor friend who says this is the tip of the iceberg. In the press recently a family remortgaged their home too send their daughter too America too have life changing surgery of which the NHS couldn’t afford nor provide. you liberalist Traitors should hang your head in shame. nobody blames immigrants or health tourists, we blame you ignorant left wing morons for thinking you can save everybody at the cost of your own people. your all afraid of your own ideology too realise your the true Racists here.

    1. I let everyone have their voices heard in reply on my blog, however offensive. The NHS pays for treatment in the US if it’s approved – this can cost hundreds of 1000’s. Sadly choices have to be made, the cost of health tourism is around 300 million – this would not allow for all the drugs/treatments that are available to be available. It would not change the decisions NICE makes.

      I do not call people as a group racist, I call individuals who are racist racist. For a libertarian party those in ukip act in a very authoritarian way.

  6. The problem is that kippers have a brain fault which cannot comprehend the concept of black British. So they confuse ‘non-British’ and ‘born in Africa’.

    I agree with the original blog, NF is a liar and his facts are completely wrong. My only question is why, when his lie is so obvious, does nobody (political opponents, journalists) call him out?

  7. Sadly, it seems that many liberals misrepresent what Nigel Farage has been saying and of course it is not in their political interest to agree. Farage has quite rightly stated that the current coalition have not been able to stem immigration from Europe and the only area where immigration has been stemmed is from countries of the Commonwealth. He rightly stated that we have more in common with the countries of the Commonwealth than we do Eastern Europe.
    He is not stating that immigration should be stopped. He is saying that immigration should be an issue that Britain has control over and not the EU. He rightly recognises the contribution skilled immigrants have made to the UK and in particular the contribution of people from the Commonwealth countries. It is not right or fair for the British taxpayer to fund health treatment to non contributors. We cannot afford it and it impacts on the care provision of our own people. He is saying that people arriving in the UK should be in a position to fund their own treatment. The NHS is a National Health Service, not International!
    It is totally wrong to label Farage a racist and I suggest people read the UKIP manifesto.
    If I asked you to pay your next door neighbours household bills indefinitely, would you do it? Common sense tells you that it would be a daft decision to make, as most people just can’t afford it or would think it a perverse request.
    As a nation we can not continue to provide treatment to the world community, however much we would like to.

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