Ukip and the White Supremacists 

So far the start of Spring for Ukip has been a time of white supremacists, holocaust deniers and a fake poster designed to incite racial hatred.

White Supremacists and Holocaust Deniers

Charlton Edwards, ukip member and committee member in Tonbridge, is worried about The Genocide of the white peoples of Europe. He lives in one of the whitest bits of the UK, but he is concerned that the EU are planning to create a mixed race population of people who have no knowledge of “British Culture”. He tweeted a link to a blog by ex BNP now apparently National Strike Force member Sean Moran ( his Twitter bio says, Alternative media truth seeker & White survivalist. Multiculturalism is jewish racial supremacy by fraudulent debt slavery & White genocide. Victory or Death! ). 

Mr Morans blog, cigpapers, is well know for anti Semitic content, it’s denial of the holocaust and it’s belief in the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. To get an idea of how bonkers the belief in this plan is  you could read this, but be warned this links to Daily Stomer a white supremacist web site .. To quote from the site:

From the beginning, the EU has been a Jewish operation. It has two main goals:
1. To destroy every one of the different European Nation States by consuming all of them under the non-ethnic specific name ‘European’, while at the same time consolidating Jewish power at the top ruling over everyone.
2. To physically destroy all the different White ethnicities through forced integration and miscegenation with the Non-White hordes of Asia and Africa.

This is is what Charlton Edwards was linking to, this is what Jan was referring to in her interview with Robin Brant. As a long term Ukip supporter she was happy to talk about her belief in white genocide, you can watch the video here.

Linked to the belief in a plan to wipe out white European culture is the idea of Cultural Marxism. This is traditionally linked by white supremacists to “Jews”.  It’s a theory that connects White Supermacists, holocaust deniers, Anders Breivek

‘Anders Breivik killed young social democrats because he believed that their party was involved in a cultural marxist plot to undermine traditional European values by means of mass immigration from the Islamic world.’  

And Paul Nuttall 

If you want to read two contrasting views on Cultural Marxism there is this from The Guardian and this from Smash Cultural Marxism  ( guess which one agrees with Paul Nuttall ).

The Fake Poster 
Ukip Bristol are not doing well when it comes to not being controversial on social media. There are already blogs on the subject of Bristol Ukip, here and here.

Yesterday they posted this:

This is a fake quote and a fake poster, created by a white supremacist and ex Ukip member Joshua Bonehill Paine, a convicted criminal and online troll. The link is to a blog set up by Joshua and is virulent in its Anti Semitism and racism. This tweet was retweeted by a few,  mostly by the far right. This in itself suggests to whom is might appeal! 

But hapless Bristol Ukip are the not the only ukip mugs who would chose to tweet material designed to encourage racial hatred of black people.

And yesterday evening David Vance also tweeted it, the initial retweets by Joshau Pain and all his sock accounts being a clue to exactly who is reposnsible for the fake.

You would think that a reasonable person when faced with the fact what they have posted a fake quote, designed to stir up racial hatred, would remove the post. But no, most of the tweeters, including Mr Vance, have compounded their mistake by posting tweets defending it on the basis that she has said stuff they think is racist in the past. 

Ukip has a Deputy Leader who wrote a news article accusing the left of Cultural Marxism, a conspiracy theory whose main proponents are white supremacists and holocaust deniers. Ukip has supporters and members who will happily tweet a fake poster that was designed to incite racial hatred. Ukip is retreating into its core vote and it’s clear that some of these have similar beliefs to white supremacists. 

As a postscript this is the original picture that was photoshopped.

And another to add is the retweeting habits of Manchester Central PPC candidate Myles Power.



2 thoughts on “Ukip and the White Supremacists 

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Aliberallife describes two more examples of UKIP racism, and links to White supremacists. The first is Charlton Edwards, who believes that the EU is part of an evil Jewish plot for world domination through the destruction of the White race through racial intermixing.

    The second is the fake poster of Diane Abbott created by the Yeovil caudillo, Joshua Bonehill. Bonehill himself is such a weird character, even by Fascist standards, that you really do wonder if he’s clinically mentally ill. Either way, the fact that the Bristol Kippers linked to him further supports the accusations of racism and links to the Far Right that they have been very keen to deny.

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