UKIP on the slippery slope 

Today UKIP started down a slippery slope by allowing discrimation , of those who have no choice about their sexuality, on the basis of views that people choose to have. 

UKIP want a “conscience law” for those who object to same sex marriage. The right to discriminate against a “group” because of religous dogma. 


“We will also extend the legal concept of ‘reasonable accommodation’ to give protection in law to those expressing a religious conscience in the workplace on this issue.”

is an excuse to discriminate against anyone on the basis of sexuality. How long before UKIP  allow discrimination against other groups who are “different” from  “Judeo-Christian Europeans”.

At the same time single parent families, those families with same sex parents, those who are unmarried with children should look at this document, produced by UKIP and ask themselves why they are somehow seen as second class, less able to provide a “secure and happy family”.

“Take the family, for instance. Traditional Christian views of marriage and family life have come under attack of late, whereas we have no problem in supporting and even promoting conventional marriage as a firm foundation for a secure and happy family.”



One thought on “UKIP on the slippery slope 

  1. UKIP is the vessel for the bigots and intolerant of society. UKIP’s policies reflect this. For UKIP it is merely gathering votes. However, given power, UKIP would be happy to enforce any ridiculous illiberal laws if they felt there was a market for it.

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