An open letter to UKIP 


On Thursday I will be exercising my democratic right to vote. It will not be for you.
I thought you might like to know some of my reasons ..

I will not be voting for the politics of fear that sees you blame immigrants and “open door” migration for the problems caused by unregulated international banking or just the Tories in power. Why are you so keen to blame the poorest in society for problems caused by the richest?

I will not be voting for an education policy set in the 1950’s. There is no qualitative evidence that grammar schools aided social mobility amongst the cleverest but poorest. In fact all recent research points to education programmes like that in Finland, which has no formal tests until 18! As being the most successful in raising achievement.

I will not be voting for a party that denies climate change is a problem.

I will not be voting for a party that thinks that it is better to hugely subsidise fossil fuels than to invest, subsidise and develop green energies.

I will not be voting for a party which has decided to pander to the religious by promising them a law to give them the right to discriminate against homosexuals.

I will not be voting for a party that has women standing for elected office who call other women Femi-nazis.

I will not be voting for a party that lies on a regular basis about big and small things – even when there is no need to – remember the EU cabbages Mr Bickley

I will not be voting for a party that has refused to do anything for the  poorest working  8%. They will not get more free child care hours, they will not get a raise in the minimum wage, they will not benefit in an increase in tax allowance – they already earn less than £10000 a year.

I will not be voting for a party who wants to give the richest 6% the right to pass on inherited wealth. Paying nothing to the state.

I will not be voting UKIP because I am selfish and my partners job and almost all of those on the Island where I live rely on the whisky industry, wether we work in the public sector or in tourism, it’s the whisky industry keeping us afloat ( not literally! ). UKIP want us to leave the EU and that will result in 15% tariffs on food and drink exports ( even under WTO rules ). If we leave the EU the single malt whisky producers will no longer have their product protected, bad news for poor island communities who have money, jobs and lives invested in Whisky. But it’s not just small islands – it’s 1 million workers in the financial services, it’s farmers and fishermen who export to the EU, its everyone. There is not one single report that claims we would be better off out of the EU. And as for migration, even Nigel knows less migrants makes us all poorer, he would ‘rather we weren’t slightly richer’ if it means allowing more people into the country to work and create jobs.

“But if you said to me: “Would you want to see over the next ten years a further 5million people come into Britain and if that happened we’d all be slightly richer?” I would say: actually, do you know what I’d rather we weren’t slightly richer”

I will be voting for my daughter, my family, my community and for those who have to live on this tiny revolving rock, both now and in the future. But not for the vanity project of a career politician.



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