Hey Ukip when is Sainsburys not Sainsburys

Steven Woolfe and his band of merry kippers have been demonstrating their ability to create amusement over the last few days. With a campaign to boycott one of the country’s biggest retailers,

Lord Sainsbury has been touted as being one of those masterminding the campaign to remain in Europe. Cue Steven Woolfe and the hashtag #boycottsainsburys and #shameonyouSainsburys.


Apart from encouraging abuse of some minimum wage workers in the Sainsbury call centre, it’s also incorrect. The only excuse Steven can have is he reads headlines but is too cheap to pay for full access to The Times. He was told that their was an issue with his claim but he, as usual, chose arrogantly to ignore.

Here he is claiming Sainsbury have succumbed to Ukip pressure, without realising, as a company, it was never supporting the Yes campaign financially. If Mr Woolfe is the moderate future of ukip those of us who defy ukip can rest easy.


Of course lets not forget those acolytes who follow the every word of the ukip leadership ..


Finally don’t forget if you shop at Sainsburys or if you are one the biggest philanthropists in this country – you are a traitor!


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