The truth about ukip and the TTIP

On the 28th May the Trade Committee at the EU discussed TTIP and an amendment proposed by a Labour MEP, Jude Kirton – Darling, was adopted with some minor changes. The position adopted favours the use of public courts instead of any investor-state dispute settlement mechanism ( the idea of a three person tribunal held in private ) This means no ISDS in TTIP.

The context of all the amendments discussed at the meeting can be found here. They include amendments covering the transparency of negotiations, the access of SMEs, protection of the highest EU standards on the environment or workers rights. One example of many many amendments – over 200 in all is this on agriculture:


The roll call of how members of the committee voted on these amendments can be found here. The vast majority voted for the amendments to go forward. With all the claims being made by UKIP you would assume that they would vote for amendments that would protect the NHS, Agriculture, The environment, Workers rights. However it seems Lord Dartmouth chose to abstain. But then this is the man that in 2014 stated he wanted the NHS included in any agreement


There will be a trade agreement between the EU and the USA. Those who represent us at the EU must engage with the process not by being negative or obstructive. But by tabling amendments and taking part in realistic discussions that will make a difference and protect us all against an unbalanced trade agreement. Ukip seem willing to use it as way to create negativity about the EU whilst ignoring that the EU itself, through the work of MEPs such as Jade Kirton – Darling, is working to make it an agreement that benefits as many as possible.

Ukip have demonstrated again, this afternoon, that they are willing to lie by omission.

This is what Bill Etheridge said:


Note he suggests that British Labour voted against the debate, whilst in reality all the Labour MEPs voted for the debate.


Labour, Green and Lib Dem MEPs are working to create a TTIP agreement that will work for the people of the EU. Ukip are using it to claim the EU does not work without offering any alternative to this agreement. Ukip want a Free Trade Agreement, it’s what they stand for as Libertarians, they just don’t want the EU to negotiate it.


2 thoughts on “The truth about ukip and the TTIP

  1. I love the way the article makes no mention of the fact that the Liberal Democrat MEP and 10 of the 20 Conservative Party MEP’s who bothered to turn up for debate on TTIP voted to suspend the debate.

    The Conservative Party European group leader stated on video that he would want the debate to take place on the same day as the vote happened. Effectively removing any time for members of the public to object to the trade agreement being signed.

    As for the Labour Party only 10 of their 20 MEP’s bothered to turn up for the debate and as a result only 10 of their 20 MEP’s were able to vote against the debate being suspended.

    “Liberal”, your obsession with attacking UKIP at any cost is becoming really cringeworthy and obvious to all. Even the UKIP hating Daily Mirror found time to praise UKIP for their stance on TTIP in European Parliament the other day. But not you of course. You with your Labour Party advert leading article and complete ignorance of the facts.

    1. Thomas .. The blog post is about ukip and an aspect of ukip behaviour. Your comments on my “obsession” with ukip are duly noted and laughed at. Now I an going back to making a nice summer dress to wear on the beach, where as you will be on Twitter to about 2-3am .. Picking on anyone who mentions ukipmaths negatively. Yap yap little ukip terrier .. Keep letting the party wag your tail.

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