The ukip challenge 

I challenge ukip, are you as good as your word? Do you really not tolerate racism and ignorance? 

Mr Steve Latham, ukip member, candidate for you in numerous elections has put a post on his Facebook page that amounts to an accusation that non white children are resulting in Genocide.  

When he was confronted by the express and star .. 

Asked how he could compare European integration to ‘genocide’ – defined as the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group – he said: “The English person will eventually be mixed race.”

Now I don’t expect a court summons from The Hague anytime soon for the Genocide of white Europeans. What I do expect is this:
Mr Latham currently has 661 followers on Twitter, many of them identifiable as ukip accounts. Following him, I presume, because you share his views. Do you still share his views? 

Let’s see how many of you are still following tomorrow. 

Since I wrote this the Guardian has reported that his employers have sacked him, his long will it take UKIP to revoke his membership? 


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