Courses starting in September for UKIP supporters 

Developing a Sense of Humour – A course for all UKIP members, supporters and party officials 

This course will help you develop a sense of perspective when faced with those laughing at UKIP. The ability to laugh at ones self is very important and one that those associated with UKIP find difficult. This kind of response by Paul Nuttall regarding a comedy tour will be used as an example of how not to react.

The Ukip MEP for the North West Of England complained on the party website that: “This blatantly party political rubbish is being staged to coincide with the run-up to the Euro elections in May and I am appalled that one of the venues in the much lauded Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. I would have hoped they had higher standards than giving this show house room.

“I have written to the Arts Council about this matter and also the Royal Exchange expressing my views about this distasteful satire.”

Developing new Insults – An essential course for everyone associated with UKIP

This is a one day course designed to hep you avoid the well worn cliches of the far right when it comes to dealing with left wing opponents. Examples of poor practice such as these will be dissected to show how they fail to further the electability of UKIP. 

Leftard – a word that combines left and retard and denigrates those with a genuine disability. 


Paedo – the use of which is an insult to thousands of children in the UK who suffer abuse each year 

Feminazi – an overused insult that compares feminists to a murderous group of people who killed 6 million Jews. 



The World of Work (or how to offer value to money to British Taxpayers) – a course for UKIP MEPs

We anticipate a very low take up for this course as we will not be paying for attendance.


Researchan advanced course aimed at anyone associated with UKIP 

A six month course. The first part of the course will be on recognising bias. The second will be showing you the range of information available to state your case without resorting to insults ( see course on insults ). The course will enable you to avoid common mistakes on 

Climate Science and Energy 


EU Policy – The sad tale of Mr Bickey and the Cabbages 


The use of far right propaganda 

Examples are many: 


A general course for UKIP on a wide range of issues that present themselves when dealing with social media

These will be short online courses that invoke the appropriate uses of images, retweeting for dummies, likes for dummies, poor use of photoshop, irony and sarcasm. 

We will use this as a starting point 


Successful completion if any of these courses will result in a certificate that you can post on your bio. 

Applications will be accepted from any one associated with UKIP, particularly those who whose sense of perspective is permanently disabled – you know who you are! 

With thanks to crazy Fox for the original idea