A new phobia for UKIP .. Humanphobia 

Today, on the news, a young man of 18, who had travelled from Afghanistan with his mother and grandmother, spoke about his journey. The short story moved me to tears, it moved UKIP supporters to call him a liar. I can not understand the desire, from some, to believe the absolute worst in anyone who is not like them. 

Over the last few days I have seen the type of tweets which make me wonder if we have moved on from the dark days of the 1950’s when black men were accused of pimping white girls. 
To hate someone so intensely, when all you know of them is their colour and where fate led them to be born, can only be a result of a deep inadequacy  within the person who hates. 

Thankfully there are others who think differently, a member of a Facebook page I admin sent this. The author Brandon B was happy to let me share. Not a professional poet, but someone who has been moved by the negative media surrounding those who are often labelled “the other”. 

A world divided by frontiers, check points and borders,

Humanity divided into hemispheres, countries and identity papers,

Human races classified as skin colours, languages and places of birth,

“Third world migrants” are useless as “legal” forced labour is now officially over,
Respect your flag and be proud of your country,

Rise and sing your national anthem as if your life would depend on it,

Protect and defend your homeland against various attacks and threats,

Pride yourself belonging to a country where you’re nothing more than a muppet,
Some of us wish to see another human race exterminated,

Stepping on their rights and liberties like vulgar cockroaches,

Concentrating them in camps behind high fences guarded by special forces,

Police skunks dealing with the crisis using pepper spray hoping to scare them away,
You want to keep your country pure, clean and parasite free,

You don’t want all those migrating refugees bringing up diseases and their family,

If you think those illegal foreigners are the cancer of our society, pride and glory,

Then congratulations, your extremist patriotic brainwashing is working as it should be,
You dare judging another race based on what “modern” society wants you to see,

You will reject a complete stranger based on what mainstream media wants you to believe,

A mental genocide promoted by lies, profit, corruption and greed from our “leaders”,

Using vulnerable people to their benefits and desire for more powers,
Calling them “illegals” rather than people,

Scaring, intimidating and letting them starve, freeze, suffer like lonely animals,

Think for a second on how those people would affect you on a professional and personal level,

And please stop calling yourself a caring, loving religious soul holding on your god damn bible,
Our cultural and physical differences make the beauty of our world,

Yet, we fight and hate them like nasty mould on a damp wall,

Protecting our countries against false ideologies, rumours and stereotypes,

Throwing away the universal declaration of human rights down the drainpipe,
You act as if your name is written on your country’s flag,

You sound like you possess each squares of land and make sure your economy don’t drag,

You bitch about immigrants doing the low paid jobs you hate and find degrading,

Whilst you sit on your ass watching TV, get fat, waiting for your weekly benefits to be paid in,
Your country is strong, wealthy, luxurious and comfy,

Their country is destroyed, burning and to a migrant’s eye, your place looks yummy,

A desire and urge to move away from friends and family,

Not to steal your jobs and houses, but to survive and escape a life full of suffering and misery,
Your arguments are that there isn’t enough space to “take them all”,

They won’t find a job and will be unable to afford a home,

How about we use and convert few golf courses and football stadiums,

Investing in property development, jobs and hope for those claiming asylum,
You get scared and concerned about your kid’s safety around a hooded black dude,

Breaking news, half of the“royalty” and politics are involved in child trafficking and abuse, 

You campaign against immigration to conserve your country’s identity, roots and history,

Your phone is made in China, your clothes made in India and your brain made in bullshit,
Immigration is the root of today’s diverse humanity,

Patriotism should be the joy and pride of sharing a different culture and country,

Mainstream racism leading to humanophobia and new age global nazism,

Showing more love and compassion to a cat on youtube rather than kids starving in a war zone.