Hey  ukip and BREXIT bods some questions 

The leave campaign, such as it is, has as yet not actually managed to offer the public a concise picture of the future. 

Will we still have access to the single market? If not what will the replacement look like?

Will we be able to sell services, 78% of our economy, to the EU free of WTO tariffs? 

What kind of non tariff barriers will we face? 

Will there be a visa system for holiday makers? 

Will the CAP payments be maintained at the current level and for how long? 

How do we get future governments to guarantee CAP payments at EU levels? When agriculture, in reality, employs few people on the UK and does not have the influence of numbers

How will we ensure that governments of different hues will maintain structural  aid, even when it’s directed at areas where it would give them no political gain?

Northern Ireland and Wales are net gainers from the EU budget. Will the Westminster government maintain this investment? 

What is an acceptable loss of GDP over the next 20 years? 

How exactly will making our own trade deals increase the amount we export?

Explain in detail the reasons you think food will be cheaper? 

Leave campaigners claim we can cut the cost of regulation. Account for which regulations will be removed in order to achieve this lower cost.

How are you going to address the very real fears of NI and Eire?

The Working Time Directive is often seen as a Cost to  businesses. Do you envisage it being removed from UK employment regulations, if so what would replace it? 

The leave campaign claim fuel prices will be cheaper. If this is through a removal of VAT, where will the government recoup this loss in income?  

How will you guarantee that a government in thrall to busines does not erode my right to paid leave? 


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