Love Women .. Love the EU .. 

There is lots of evidence at how the right see women only as victims of “Islamic” aggression, a useful tool to promote Brexit and borders ( which we already have ). Ukip have consistently failed to vote for the protection or the promotion of women in the EU. The Tory government has failed to ratify the Istanbul Convention which aims to protect women from abuse. There is a growing trend to call feminists – Feminazis.  

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. The memes below are based on facts readily available without much effort and they promote the idea that Women in the EU are Stronger In as part of a strong vibrant community of 250 million.

If you want you see what women in the EU lobby for go here, it’s worth a visit.

Women in Europe do not yet have equal pay or an equal amount of power, but over 250 million women are further forward than they may have been. Europe is going forward for women and I would like to carry on moving in that direction.


Feel free to share the pictures if you don’t want to share the post. It’s important that a positive case is made for women in the EU.


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