Bizarre Brexit Bods

There are many reasons for people to want to leave the EU. There are some “genuine” political concerns based on sovereignty and power sharing. There are also the frankly bizarre, the racist and the truly misinformed.

The Tory led campaign has made this about sovereignty, UKIP has made is about the fear of immigrants, just watch their misleading  “Turkey” video to witness the lengths they will go to,  and the labour left about corporate greed and big businesses ruling us through Brussels – the threat of TTIP. All of these have been throughly debunked more than once by the excellent infacts, although you can guarantee that the hardened brexit bod will never read it.

But to back up these “big” issues are the frankly bizarre and occasionally bigoted reasons put forward as “fact” by brexit supporters.

Reason number one. The threat of military dictatorship from a secret base – that has an open day in a few weeks.

This was posted on the all politics discussion page on Facebook. It long ago ceased to be all politics and us now largely a place that frankly bizarre reasons for brexit are shared.

Reason number two. The desire to brexit and beat the Hun! A hangover from WWII. These brexit bods are convinced that by choosing brexit we will “show those Germans” and “bloody Jerry’s nose”,


Reason number three. Without brexit we will become a muslim country with sharia law so vote brexit to save the grandkids! This of course has been encouraged by UKIP with constant references to Turkey by the leadership.

Meanwhile they want commonwealth reconnect, I can only presume they want to allow immigration based on religion.

Reason number four. The EU is part of the “New World Order” This is the David Icke wing of brexit bods, they watch videos like this and imagine a future of giant concentration camps and a population forced to become coffee coloured. There is a tinge of anti semitism in this with references to the Rothchilds and to Cultural Marxism. UKIP themselves have a thing about cultural marxism  – the oft used stick to hit ‘progressives’ with that has distinct Anti Semitic overtones.

With the far right advocating brexit, its worth taking a look at the Daily Stormer . The ideas here, that the vast majority would find shocking, have been watered down in the main stream media for those who would deny being far right, as legitimate reasons for brexit.


Reason number five. The EU is communist or the EU will take over once we vote in. Whilst the leave left and UKIP tell is its all about big business wanting to rule over us and corporate greed, this branch of brexit madness think its a plot by ex communists to turn us into a socialist state. Quitters are encouraged in this by those like Ian Duncan Smith  

And there is this: 


These views may seem amusing to most of us but to the people who believe them they are genuine worries that they have about the EU. These worries are constantly being stoked by comments made to encourage such beliefs by those who have the ear of the media. Take any day in The Express or Breitfart and you see headlines designed to scare and articles that twist reality in such a way to cause genuine fear and distress.

Is it worth countering these “reasons for brexit” yes absolutely. Is it possible to show the already convinced how mistaken they are, doubtful.