How the far right spin a human tragedy. Part One 

Find Part Two here 

The far right are in full swing on social media. The fire at Grenfell Tower is a human tragedy, it’s a tragedy that has devastated the lives of a group of people that they normally like to vilify, Muslims, the poor, lefties, refugees .. foreigners. Their reaction has been predictable displaying a visceral need to divide society whilst fulfilling their followers need to have a hate figure that often is the weakest in society, the group with the least ability to get their voice heard.

I was asked this week why I share their hate, there is a simple answer hate should not be ignored, it should not be swept under the carpet .. it should be challenged. Failing to challenge hate allows those who peddle it to do so without having to justify it, if they refuse to justify it, if they can not justify it then they show themselves to nothing other than click bait for those who take comfort in blaming the “other’. 

On the morning after the fire as people are still looking for their friend and relatives, still standing in the street in their pyjamas looking at the wreck of their homes the message on the far right was that this was about race and terrorism.

Why do they do this? Is it a need to find a reason for a tragedy that is not to do with money, human error or short sighted actions? Or is it a need to reinforce their beliefs through any tragedy that occurs? Or is just hate, a hate of people who are the same as them? 

If they can blame people who are not the same colour or religion as them, can they then assume believe it will not happen to them. That they are safe from tragedy. 

If you can blame immigrants for something then just do it .. 

If you can’t blame migrants blame the EU ..

If you can’t blame a terrorist it’s the fault of foreign workers .. 

Or it’s a refugee unhappy with their apartment ..

On Facebook there is the option to go much further with your hate ..

There are many other comments I could share, but what has really upset me has been the way that social media commentators who have real influence have used the tragedy to spin the tragedy for their own ends and I will be writing about that later. 


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